Friday, February 3, 2012

A New John Morgan Newspaper Clipping from Salt Lake Herald. August 16, 1894.

Be sure and read the Ancestor Files today and check out the newspaper clipping from the August 16, 1894 Salt Lake Herald that Amy posted.

It’s amazing what searching old newspapers can produce! I'll add the clipping to my growing list of good references.

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  1. The problem with searching for "John Morgan" is that the name is fairly common and tends to turn up hundreds or thousands of results. The article from the Herald was one I saw during a search for something else. A read through the Utah newspapers on the days surrounding his death and funeral would probably turn up a few interesting items.

    I just glanced quickly at the Des News for Aug 18 and see an article which I will post, as well as a letter in the same newspaper signed by John Morgan and the other members of the Sunday School Presidency. And that's all I have time for today! :)