Sunday, August 14, 2011

P. H. Rex's Bear River Ranch House, 2011.

Look how the water in the Bear River has receded in the last month since Cousin Nancy shared this shot of the bridge crossing the Bear River. I took this road to P.H. Rex’s River Ranch house with cousins Nancy and Flora Lee on my recent trip to Randolph, Utah.

This is the log home the P. H. Rex family lived in on their Bear River Ranch during the months they worked their fields. Some of the P.H. Rex children are standing in front of this log house (posted here) one summer.

This old hay wagon is similar to one Flora Lee's father fed his livestock from. Sleigh runners were still on it.

This picture is taken from atop the Crawford Mountains. The straight road leads east from Randolph to the Bear River bridge pictured at the top of this post. We followed it left as it wound south to the far left of the picture. That is where the P.H. Rex River Ranch house still stands.

When I saw the beautiful shots of Randolph and the adjoining Bear River Valley, I commented to Nancy about how happy I was to see them on her blog, because that was one place I was certain I’d never go. Well, not unless she had her way! The next thing I knew she’d invited me to the top of the Crawford Mountains.

On that day she drove Flora Lee and I through the canyons of abandoned phosphate mines in the Crawford Mountains, with tales of her riding her horse there as a girl with her father. Everything was picture postcard perfect. This picture shows the flooded Bear River back in her banks contrasting those Nancy posted a month ago. We drove all along the mountain range following the hand drawn map their mother, Flora Rex Lamborn left us. Each Rex Ranch was identified along the way.

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