Tuesday, August 23, 2011

John Hamilton Morgan. 1884.

Picture taken on October 5, 1886 in Rome, Georgia. At the left, standing is Pres. John Morgan. Seated in Center, Wm. Spry, later Governor of Utah. Unfortunately no other missionaries were identified in this picture caption.

Today I’m back to Great Grandfather John Hamilton Morgan in 1884, thanks to yesterday’s very interesting post at Keepapitchinin; B.H. Roberts in Water Valley, Mississippi, 1884. If you’re interested in a taste of what John Morgan, B. H. Roberts, and most missionaries who were called to preach the Gospel in the Southern States, dealt with in the 1880s, spend a few minutes reading this account. It’s excellent.

President John Morgan wasn’t in the Southern States Mission during 1884 for perhaps several different reasons. He appears to have acted upon counsel he noted in his journal on January 9, 1884 Met John Houston and R. G. Clark and while in company with them met Pres. A. [Angus] M. Cannon who gave us quite a talking about our failure to obey the Law of Celestial Marriage.”

On January 25, 1884 John Morgan was sealed to Adalina Annie Mildred Gwenolin Smith in the Endowment House.

Amy wrote about the Water Valley incident while posting her History of the Southern States Mission here in Part 18. A wealth of Southern States Missionary History can be found at the Amateur Mormon Historian blog. Another great picture of a group of President John Morgan’s Southern States Missionaries is found here.

Angus M. Cannon
Southern States Missionaries:
Riley G. Clark, set apart, Nov 8, 1880, release date not given
John Houston, set apart, Nov 8, 1880, released, Nov 20, 1882

Picture from The Life and Ministry of John Morgan; For a Wise and Glorious Purpose, by Arthur M. Richardson, Copyright 1965, pg 421.

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  1. I find this picture curious because of John Morgan's resemblance in it to one of my uncles. It's interesting when some of the family traits show up in a great grandson. (But he doesn't have a beard!)