Friday, March 16, 2012

Bessie Morgan Rex - letter written August 26, 1936.

Do you get the Reaper?
Randolph, Utah
Aug. 26, 1936

Meine Leibe Kleine Knabe,
How is that my son. You see tho’ it has been 30 years since I took the study of German, & so it isn’t so simple. I am hoping tho’ that you will be able to master it, or at least speak it. I struggled tho at German grammar, & I know all about their talking backwards. I’m so glad they thot of your birthday down there. And that was so sweet of Clara. You mustn’t scold if you don’t hear from her every week. She is a very nice girl & I don’t think she chases out much.

I have worried some over your thin blood. Maybe you better see a doctor. Don’t think this is so good. Take good care of your health.

The days are so beautiful here. Indian summer coming on. My flowers haven’t frozen yet. It is quite cold at night tho’. The boys are still haying & Daddy is working on the new amusement hall. Busy bunch
We had to have a phone put in so the Bishop can talk to Daddy every day.

Well, I didn’t get thro’ yesterday. Grandma was here & I had to talk to her. Then supper for 8. Am making chili sauce today. I picked my zinnias last night & then it didn’t freeze them.

Well Helen just came home. 4:30 quitting time. Government employee for you! She went to Bear Lake & got infection in her lips. She surely has some time, poor kid.

I suppose you have heard of George H Derm’s death. That was surely too bad. He was a nice man if he was a Democrat.

Oh dear this is a busy household. Daddy works till 9 at night, hunting men to work. The boys go to the hayfield & chore night & morning.

Tomorrow night is “Tale of Two Cities.” The family is discussing the story. Morgan & Maeser want to go to Como Springs with the scouts tomorrow for a day.

Well dearie, there just isn’t any news here & if I go much longer I shall have to talk poltics. I don’t mind that tho’. I am very much taken up with Alf M. Landon. He has such a good honest face. I’m afraid he is too honest for some of those easterners. (Helen’s pen is the bunk).
Am sending you a little poem I cut out. I liked it very much & wanted Helen to make a copy, but she forgot. You can bring it home again.

We haven’t received our August number of your missionary paper. That was very good.

If I ever get this finished! Well it is morning again. I thot your father would be in to write a little, but no such luck. He came in near midnight and is gone this morning. You will have to forgive him for a while. We have about decided to not let the boys go. They are taking them in trailers. Too many accidents on the highway to be taking boys that way.

This is the beginning of another beautiful day. It is so warm. Simply delightful.

I must close now. Write once a week won’t you. And don’t get run down in health. Love & kisses and the Lord’s blessings upon you may dear. We talk about you every day. Flora says hello. She starts to school Sept. 6. Enough now.

Lovingly, Mother


  1. lol...i had to get txting to talk to the Bishop everyday:) It still amazes me that she refers to Grandpa as daddy???

  2. I'm glad you're reading these Nancy. Grandma Bessie's letters help be better understand her and her times, something I didn't think I'd ever be able to do. We hardly had a picture of her as I was growing up.