Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Percy Harold and Bessie Morgan Rex Part 4

The Randolph Recreation Hall on the corner of W Church Street and Main Street in Randolph, Utah was completed in 1938. I believe this may be the picture Bessie Morgan Rex talks about sending her son, Harold, in the quotes from her letters below.

While Percy Harold Rex was a counselor in one of a number of bishoprics he served in, he was assigned to oversee the building of a new town cultural hall. From July 1936, when they first tore down the old opera house, until January 1938, when the new town hall was completed and paid for, Percy oversaw the building work-crews. He “was in charge of labor.”

Those were difficult, economically pressed times. “Must we do it during this Depression,” community members asked. “Perhaps this project might help rather than hinder our circumstances!”

“At one time during construction it was so cold the mortar had to be kept warm with a fire in a tub while the men laid brick around the entrance hall.”

[Nov 1936 letter written by Bessie to her son, Harold, in the mission field.] It is so cold out today. Daddy is working on the amusement hall. Oh it is a beautiful building. If we can get a picture of it we will send it to you. The whole corner is occupied. I am on the finance committee. You would be surprised to see the way they raise money these hard times.

[Undated letter written by Bessie.] We are sending you a picture of the new Recreation Hall. Isn’t it nice? But, oh boy raising the money. We are having some time, but we’ll have it. It just comes some how. I do hope it is taken care of after it is finished. It is going to be a beautiful hall. Daddy says it is 101 ft long—50 ft wide. People find fault and grumble, but wait.

In 1975 Percy Harold Rex’s children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are enjoying the recreation hall at a family reunion.

As of 1981 the term “Recreation Hall” was dropped and the building is now properly referred to as the “Cultural Hall.”

Would someone out there reading this blog be willing to snap a current picture of the hall and e-mail it to me?

(To be continued.)

Picture of the Recreation Hall from Helen Rex Frazier collection. Reunion pictures by the author. Randolph, A Look Back, Written and compiled by Steven L. Thomson, Jane D. Digerness, Mar Jean S. Thomson, 1981, pgs. 151-154.

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