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Percy Harold and Bessie Morgan Rex, Part 7

June 5, 1936, Randolph, Utah, letter to Harold Morgan Rex (serving a mission in Brazil) from home, written by Helen Rex and Bessie Morgan Rex. Bessie mentions every member of her family in this letter. On a Sunday afternoon 73 years later may it warm your heart as it did mine.

Randolph, Utah
June 5, 1936

Dear Harold:

Win just said she had written to you and that some of the rest of us should, so I guess I should proceed. We are having one grand time having sis home, surely wish you could be here too, but am very glad you’re down there, because you are doing and seeing things few of us have a chance.

For the past week we have had grand storms. The country surely looks good and all of the farmers are smiling. Our dear friends the mosquitoes are here in abundance too. The pests. Well I am still laboring for all I am worth. The first of July we are to be reappointed. We have received a lot more money, so I guess we will be.

So sorry you aren’t getting our letters, because our hearts are in the right places. We write every week, and I even sent you one air mail. We don’t get yours very often either. It has been two weeks since we heard from you.

They are wrecking the Opera house and meeting house. Things will more than likely be pretty dead here this summer, but it will be grand to have a new dance hall a nice church.

Glenn has been up to his homestead this past week getting it ready for final proof in July, then he will be footloose. I do hope he can get something, so he can be just a little bit independent.

Here comes daddy, so we must be getting some supper on. Win and Flora have gone visiting. Mother is going to write in the letter too.

LeMare was married yesterday. So were Elgie and Clayton. They are on their honeymoon up in the North West.

Will have to finish later. We have had supper and have been sitting talking. Sis is going to give Mother and I a back rub. She surely is strong and can give such good ones. [Bessie] Well she got her back rub & it must have put her off entirely. She cant wake up this morning, so I shall use the rest of the sheet of paper, as this letter must go off. We are delighted to have Winnie with us for a short two weeks. Have had a lovely storm & now it is clearing up. Things should grow. [Helen wrote note in margin—Oh nuts. She got in too big of a hurry.]

No letter this week. I am so disappointed. I wonder if it would do any good for you to 

put on the envelope “via Evanston, Wyo.” Winnie gets her letters. There is much doing here right now. The church is planting gardens, building an amusement hall & fixing the church. It will be so nice. Last week was commencement. Dr. Sidney Sperry came to speak to the graduates. I wasn’t there, but first thing he said was he always wanted to come to Randolph because  Bessie Morgan married & came here. He came to see me after the exercises. He is certainly a grand man.

Wayne is leaving for the Southern States or at least for the mission home on the 12th. Nine missionaries from Randolph. We should prosper shouldn’t we. I read the piece in the Era bout Brazil. I hope you find many things that are broadening & uplifting. I hope all is not a hundred years behind times. Floyd was sitting by me, & he surely envies you. He thinks that would be the most interesting mission in the world.

I am trying to write while Maeser is singing, Flora talking, Daddy washing, Helen writing to Glenn. Too much to distract me. So this is jumbled.

Did we tell you a bus comes right thro’ Randolph, to Jackson Hole. It makes it very handy. It might be handy for Evanston as it comes thro’ early in the morning. I mean for some.

We have no picture show or dance hall for a while. The town will be dead but it is a good thing as far as dances are concerned. The last one was terrible. The devil can cause quite a bit of hadin with a glass of liquor.

I think of so much to tell you & then it all leaves me when I sit down. I do hope we hear from you today or Monday. It seems so long between times.

Today is Sat. & we must clean up as Helen is getting dinner tomorrow for Uncle Will & Aunt Agness. They were so nice while we were in quarantine. Morg has gone air crazy, & is building airplanes all the time. Well I must close so we can get this off. I know the Lord is with you, my dear, or I should worry much more about you. Be a good boy, study hard & enjoy your labors. I do hope your experiences will mean much to you all your life, & that ambition & industry will help you to attain a bright place in the sun. Love & kisses from all.

Lovingly Mother

(To be continued.)
Picture of Lion House flowers, Salt Lake City, by author. Letter from author's collection.

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  1. Ooops I got way behind. I have been in Randolph twice this week. I'll try and remember my camera next time and send a picture of the cultural hall.