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John Hamilton Morgan Journal 1887 Aug 1-7

August 1
Election day in Utah, for members of the Legislature, and some county offices. Sister Burbidge [perhaps Sister William Burbidge of the 17th Ward] spent the day with us. Uncle [perhaps Morgan Hamilton] left on the 8 a.m. train for the North.

In the evening, drove out with sister Burbidge and later with sister Sarah Smith [unknown].

August 2
At home reading. In the evening drove out with Mellie, called at sister O. Pratts [perhaps a widow of Orson Pratt, he died 1881] and met sister Holt [unknown], tried to assist in settling a difficulty between she and her husband, but could not make much headway. Called at brother Burbidges for Mellie.

August 3
Started early this A.M. and drove to East Bountiful where we called on and had breakfast with sister Cowley [perhaps Matthias F.] and family, after an hour or two pleasant visit, drove to Brother B. H. Roberts and stayed the day with Sister R. [Roberts] returning to the city late in the evening. Deputies Frank [unknown], and Cannon [unknown], drove to south Bountiful just ahead of us and arrested Bishop Brown [unknown] of that Ward.

August 4
At home quiet all day. Sister Jennie Whipple came down in the afternoon and remained until dark when I drove her out to the Hot Springs.

August 5
Jno. And Kate Groesbeck came while we were at breakfast and remained during the day. In the p.m. they and both Mellies went out to the Lake. Drove down to brother Sprys [perhaps William Spry] during the evening and had a short visit. The evening paper contains a letter from President W. Woodruff in behalf of the Twelve, giving good advise and counsel to the saints.

August 6
At home today reading.

August 7
Brother George Goddard and William Willes called on me today and we spent two or three hours conversing on Sunday School matters.

In the evening, Mellie and I drove out to Frank McDonalds [unknown], had supper, and short visit, and returned home after dark.

[The letter from President W. Woodruff in behalf of the Twelve appeared in the 1887 Mellenial Star, vl. XLIX, and follows.]

Jennie Whipple: 1. John Hamilton Morgan Photograph Collection, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Box 1, folder 4, item #8, Jennie Whipple, convert of Elder Morgan. 2. Life and Ministry of John Morgan by Richardson, Nicholas G. Morgan, Sr., pg. 361, “Another visitor he was happy to see, came to town on the 20th, Jennie Beeso Whipple from Illinois who had been his first convert to the Church while serving as a missionary in that state in 1876. On the 25th he baptized her at 11:30 a.m. at Warm Springs with George Reynolds serving as witness.” I couldn’t determine for certain when this baptism at Warm Springs occurred.

Jno. And Kate Groesbeck: Trying to determine who is who in the Groesbeck family in these entries, it appears that none of Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan’s siblings have a wife or child named Kate or Kathryn. Her brother Nicholas Harmon Groesbeck’s 3rd wife is Katheryn (married 1882). In her 1929 obituary she is “survived by daughter Miss Katheryn Groesbeck.”

[Any information or suggestions to further clarify these entries will be appreciated.]

Journal entries from John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.


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