Monday, September 29, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter to Harold. July 7, 1938.

 Randolph Recreation Hall, a couple of weeks ago.

I hadn't noticed this plaque on the corner of the building before. 
This family played a huge role in its construction.

Randolph, Utah
July 7, 1938

My dear boy,

So far this week, again I have had no letter from you, but I suppose anticipation helps to quiet any disappointment I might feel. Time is getting short now, and I surely am counting the letters I shall write or receive, the months left; & weeks too. Will it be Dec. before you get here? Everybody thinks it is such a grand opportunity for you, to travel I mean.

Here Roy’s father died a week ago yesterday and I haven’t written you. Roy got home about five minutes before the funeral. He was in the Northwest selling knit goods. He flew to S.L. They had such a time locating him. Broadcasted from three or four [radio] stations. You might write a letter to him and his mother. She could forward it to him. I think he is going back. She doesn’t want him to stay here.

We have had miserable cold weather for the past week. Frozen every night. A kind Providence kept our garden from freezing.

Didn’t you ever get my letters telling you that Lynn N. was in Sweden on a mission? Myron gets his release next month, but will travel a little before coming home.

Morgan has sent for a gas motor for his gas model plane. I wish you could see it. He is quite a builder. Maeser is going to the B. G. [The ranch they found work on.] Monday. Morgan will stay here & milk the cows, help me tend the garden, etc. They started haying down there today.

Well dearie, there isn’t much to tell you, so you know who will do the talking when you get home. We have the quiet life here.

Will ring off and do my ironing. We are all very fine here. I suppose your next letter will be from Sao Paulo. Love & best wishes for every success in your work, and I shall try to not be too impatient waiting for you to get home now.

Lovingly Mother

Did I tell you Arch McK. is going to marry Norrine Wahlstrom’s sister (the nurse) in Sept. She is a very sweet girl.


  1. O my....lots of emotions knowing how the homecoming turns out:(

  2. I share those emotions, Nancy. A few years back I couldn't bear to read Grandma Rex's last letters.

    Interesting how some of her descendants now enjoy the sentiment she wrote in dismay, "We have the quiet life here." I love to retreat to Randolph.