Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex letter to Harold. June 26, 1938.

Bessie Morgan Rex's Randolph, Utah home last week.

Randolph, Utah
June 26, 1938

My dear son,
I am sitting in the leather chair on the front porch, trying to concentrate my thot’s on a letter to you. No letter from you last week, but I don’t worry. Just like to get one tho’. Daddy is to a meeting of the Broughs to plan a reunion. I tried to turn the earth over yesterday. I am not much good today. But it is glorious to feel able to do a day’s work. The boys have gone to milk—as usual.

Have been reading a book “From Immigrant to Inventor” by Michael Pupin. What an inspiring book to any young fellow starting out in life. A Serbian immigrant landing in N.Y. with 5 [cents symbol] in his pocket and a thin suit on his back. I want my boys to read it—surely. He studied at Columbia UY., Cambridge & in Berlin, but he always found so much in science to enrich his own life, so much to keep his feet on the ground. He is a grand character.

Well, daddy came home, and I guess we don’t get the Brough reunion here. It is to be at Lagoon.

Main St. is being oiled. Fine gravel is piled high in the center of the street & oiling machine is here. Then they will put in cement curbing. It all helps.

Sanborn 1911 map of Lagoon from Wikipedia.

Pg 2. [This page appears to be from a different  letter.]
deciding. That Smith Hughs work in agriculture is a very fine field & Mr. Guymon was sure you would like it.

There – is that a sermon? Well my dear it all totals up – be yourself & don’t be a snob. Ina Jeane home, but she wouldn’t speak to the neighbors. Oh, such people make me sick.

The boys have gone to milk early. Tonight is the big fight & they wont get back to hear it.
I’m afraid this will be a cool summer. It freezes about one night a week. Rather discouraging to people trying to raise beans and posies. However, mine haven’t been hurt yet.

The Broughs are going to have a reunion here this summer. I think. They are planning it. Helen & Glenn, I’m afraid, are not going to make it home. Money is pretty tight right now all over the country.

Here it is the next morning. A beautiful morning too. I hope things grow better now. Such cold freezes and frosty mornings we have had.

Kennedys have been on a 2000 mile trip up thro Mont. & Idaho. And coming back this place looks bare & dry.

Pg 3. Suppose you have heard from Winnie & how she came out in state exams 90 is a good average isn’t it. I shall be so glad to have her home for two or three weeks.

Randolph seems much like the little Serbian village Pupin came from, but I believe our boys and girls can make a success of life if they try. People are so asleep tho’, in these small places. However the Mr. Cook, whom Mary Rex worked for, in Calif. Told her he thot he would have been happier on a small farm, and he is director of Skagg’s stores. Success brings money and sometimes money wrecks people’s lives. They have both forgotten their religions and drink & smoke, & go a pretty pace.

Well here it is Monday morning. Cloudy & warm. Here’s hoping it rains.

I’m also hoping this letter reaches you for your birthday. Getting up in years aren’t you. That is all right if the years bring added wisdom.

Your time is getting short. It will be hard to leave a land you are nearly certain you won’t see again wont it. I can just imagine. Well, it will always bring pleasant memories, I’m sure.

Must close now with a prayer for your well being and success in your work my son.

Lovingly Mother


  1. It was fun to read about Randolph's Main Street in 1938. The picture is beautiful. What a blue sky.

  2. Thank you for your comments Flora Lee. A picture perfect visit to Randolph is always worth recording.