Wednesday, July 1, 2009

John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan Salt Lake City Cemetary Family Plot.

At last year’s P. H. Rex family reunion, John and Helen Melvina Morgan’s descendant Flora Rex Lamborn asked if I’d found their three young children’s grave sites. Three of their eleven children died as children. I didn’t know then, but I’ve since discovered they are all buried in the plot John and Helen Melvina are buried in. Lots 15 and 16 North Rod Block 10.

This picture from the John Morgan photograph collection at the Marriott Library shows some stones beyond the gravestone that could have named the children. They’re all gone now.

It appears that a woman is sitting in the carriage just beyond the monument. Could it be Helen Melvina? Could it be one of his other wives? Is it someone who is with the photographer taking this picture?

The Ancestor Files posted a letter inviting contributions to purchase a suitable gravestone for the John Hamilton Morgan grave site. The letter was published in the Deseret News (February 18, 1899 and November 25, 1899) and the Southern Star (March 4, 1899). You can read it by searching for “manifesting” after clicking here. I don’t know when the Morgan gravestone was actually placed at the grave site.

I copied the following burial dates for the family members buried there from the cemetery sexton’s log.

Marie Polly Bovee Groesbeck 29 Apr 1873
Elizabeth Morgan 1 Aug 1874
John Morgan 4 Dec 1881
Flora Groesbeck Morgan 1 Apr 1885
John H. Morgan 19 Aug 1894
James F. Smith 27 Jun 1915
Helen M. Morgan 20 June1930
Burk Kunkel 2 Jun 1935
Ruth Morgan Kunkel 27 May 1949
Eliza aka Lila Ann Morgan Smith 31 Jan 1952

Click on the picture to enlarge. You can see the names on the front markers. The markers mid-right are for John and Helen M. Morgan. They appear to be of the same granite and age. Perhaps they were placed together after Helen Melvina’s passing in 1930.

Are their John and Helen Melvina descendants interested in a project to place a stone at this site naming their children buried here? Would any John Morgan descendants be interested in a project to list his wives together? On the existing monument or a separate stone? A walk through this pioneer section of the cemetery illustrates that information is missing here.

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