Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier, Part 3

In 1941 Glenn and Helen were living at 1309 Derby Street, Oakland, California.

After completing high school and one quarter at the University of Utah, Helen’s brother, John Morgan Rex, joined the Air Force. He loved airplanes. He’d built and flown models, he wanted to work and fly on real ones. By November of 1941 he was stationed at Hamilton Field in Marin County, California, close to Glenn and Helen. He was with them when he could be, and attended Church in their Oakland Ward.
John Morgan Rex enjoying a nap after dinner at Glenn and Helen’s home.

For Thanksgiving of 1941 Percy Harold Rex and his family traveled to Oakland, California, where they spent the holiday with Glenn and Helen.

Helen at her kitchen stove.

The December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, and the United States’ entrance into the War, colored all of American life. Glenn and Helen were confronted with the news as they walked out of sacrament meeting that Sunday. They rushed home and turned on the radio. The family would later learn that John Morgan left San Francisco on the ship President Johnson when Pearl Harbor was bombed. They returned to Hamilton Field for a time, and then headed for the South Pacific. Helen’s letter to Johnny [brother John Morgan], ultimately returned to her, helps tell the family’s story.

Helen Rex Frazier, known for her lovely hand, and penmanship, didn’t need to sign her name to her letter. Her brother would recognize it.

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Pictures and documents from Helen Rex Frazier Collection.

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  1. I haven't seen the picture of Aunt Helen by the stove. You've gotta love the hair:)