Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier, Part 2

The mail kept the California newly weds connected with their Utah families. And their Oakland Ward got them involved. They developed life-long friendships among the young married couples there; Ralph and Alleen Tate, Flora and John Sears, and Doris and Ed Kingsford.

The twelve years Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier lived in Oakland, California, strengthened their firm foundations. They suffered and they prospered. Helen got work at Montgomery Wards and Glenn worked driving a truck. Letters from home sustained them.

Approaching their first wedding anniversary, Glenn and Helen received the heartbreaking word that Helen’s mother, Bessie Morgan Rex, was gravely ill. She passed away November 12, 1938 in a Salt Lake City hospital. Bessie’s health had been impaired for sometime. Her death, however, was unexpected. She had an eight year-old daughter, a son fourteen, and a son just finishing high school. She had developed peritonitis after surgery for a ruptured appendix. Her family was heartbroken. Glenn and Helen traveled home to Utah for her mother’s funeral, November 15, 1938 in the Randolph Chapel.

[There is a twelve page typed summary of her funeral services. Please contact me if you would like a copy.]

Two days later, on November 18, 1938, some family members gather at the Salt Lake Temple. There Glenn and Helen took out their endowments, and were sealed for Time and all Eternity. Helen’s Uncle Nicholas Groesbeck Smith (son of John Henry and Josephine Groesbeck Smith) officiated. Helen’s father, Percy Harold Rex and Uncle William T. Rex were witnesses.

(To be continued.)
Picture and documents from Helen Rex Frazier collection.

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