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John Hamilton and Melen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan, Part 10

During their trip John Morgan takes Mellie to visit some of the people who welcomed and sustained him in earlier missionary efforts, February 14 – May 29, 1876. Two names that stand out during this period of time are Oliver Shelby and the Jas. Johnsons. He mentions Jas., and various Johnsons, in thirteen journal entries, Oliver Shelby he writes about fifteen times. The first part of this post goes back eight years to a few of his 1876 entries.

Money Creek, February 14, 1876
Spoke at Mr. Maple’s on Thursday night and at Mr. Lukenbill’s on Saturday night to good houses. Met Bro. Joseph Standing from the 12th ward on Saturday night and feel so much better and stronger. He will assist me greatly and together with the help of the Spirit of God I trust we shall do good. We are stopping at present at Mr. Johnson’s and will speak tonight at Wilcox’s School House.

Mt. Zion, May 11, 1876
Plowed for Mr. Jones today and went up to Bunker Hill to hold meeting in the evening. Had a good house and good spirit prevailing. A Mr. Annamon got up and made a speech after the sermon was over to try to stir up trouble, but utterly failed. Made friends for us.

Covington, May 12, 1876
Plowed during the forenoon, crossed over the River after dinner. Came to Mr. Shelby’s and helped to put down carpet all afternoon for them… May 15. Assisted to plant some melons this morning. Rode with Mr. Shelby out East several miles after cattle. Secured a Church to preach in and made an effort to get another, but failed… May 22-25. Have been plowing and driving the cornplanter for Mr. Shelby four days and enjoyed myself at the job. Weather warm and pleasant.

John Morgan’s journal account of his and Mellie’s 1883 trip to the East resumes:

November 9, 1883
[They spent the preceding night at Champaign, Illinois, at Uncle William Morgan’s.] Visited a sugar factory and gained some information on the subject of its manufacture. Had a walk about the city. At 1:32 p.m. took J. B. and W. train for Covington, Ind. Arrived at 3:40 and hired a buggy and drove out to Oliver Shelbys. Found Elders Butler and Durfic at Shelbys. All well. Spent a pleasant evening.
November 10
Raining this a.m. Drove down to Covington and received a telegram from brother N. G. [Nicholas Groesbeck] stating that the children were well. In the p.m. drove across the river to Geo. Johnsons and stayed all night. Had a talk with him and Norvell J. Enjoyed a pleasant evening.

November 11
In company with Elder Durfic we drove over early to Mr. Cronkhites (?) [Cronklutes, May 19, 1876 journal entry] and visited with them an hour or two after which we drove to Jas. Johnsons and had dinner staying two or three hours. From there we drove to Wm. Newells and visited an hour or two, being kindly received by all and enjoying ourselves very much. From brother Newells we drove to Shelby,s part of the time through a heavy wind. Met Elders S. R. Marks and Jno. E. Boothe who had been out on a short trip to Vudensburg, (?)

November 12
At an early hour we made preparation to continue our journey and were accompanied to the depot by Shelby, Elders Marks and Boothe. Took the 8 a.m. train for Indianapolis where we arrived at 11 a.m. Hired a buggy and drove up to uncle D. W. Hamiltons place of business and was accompanied by him over a portion of the city, returning to his boarding house and had dinner. Weather quite cold with considerable wind.

At 3 p.m. took train for Cincinnati. Met Wm. Cimback (?) at the depot. Arrived in Cincinnati at 6:30 and had an Oyster stew at the Cin. Sou. Depot. Took sleeper for Chattanooga.

(To be continued.)
John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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