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John Morgan and Joseph Standing Mission Travels continue, April 9 – April 13, 1876.

Looking across the Wabash River to Fountain County.

Warren County, Indiana

Courthouse, Warren County, Indiana, 1877.

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State Line, Illinois, April 9, 1876 —Visited Mr. Wm. Cunningham this morning. Spent the forenoon of the day very pleasantly in conversation with him and his family. Had dinner with them and returned to Mr. Johnsons’s and bidding them goodby, came on up to Mr. Mort Lindsay’s where we stopped tonight. Spoke at the Price schoolhouse to a very large audience, on the prophecies, who paid close attention to what we had to say.

Johnsonville, Illinois, April 10, 1876 —Came to this point and secured the Brush College to speak in. Stopped at Mr. Jas. Johnson’s and was kindly treated. Miss Dora played on the piano which I appreciated. Spoke to a good audience.

Warren County, Indiana, April 11, 1876 —Raining this morning hard. Remained at Jas. Johnson’s during the forenoon. Came in town to Mr. Wagner’s and stayed all night. Obtained the School House to hold meeting in. Warm and pleasant this afternoon.

Alvin, Illinois, April 12, 1876 —Went over to the Wabash River in the morning and secured another school house to hold meeting in. Came back to Mr. Frank Salt’s where I stayed over night. Spoke at the School house to a fair audience. Looks stormy.

April 13, 1876 Came over to Mr. Lyon’s and leaving our valises, we started for Covington, distance some seven miles, had a lontg tiresome walk. Received a letter from Mellie and one from Jimmie. Spoke at the Bunker Hill school house to a good sized audience. Came home with a Mr. Wm. Salts, who treated me kindly. This farm is the one that Brother John Murdock was born on and quite a number of Mormon people went from this locality. We are now in Indiana and have been well treated and kindly received by all. There appears to be a different atmosphere here to what there is in Illinois. Am in hopes that we shall be able to do a good work in the neighborhood.

Covington is a city in and the county seat of Fountain County, Indiana.
Jimmie [James] Morgan (1850- ): John Morgan's brother.

(To be continued.)

John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Pictures from Wikipedia.

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