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January 11, 1881 from John Morgan Journal.

Wikipedia picture of Joseph Standing and Rudger Clawsen
 while serving as missionary companions in Georgia.

From John Hamilton Morgan's journal--written in Salt Lake, January 11, 1881. In the office writing. James Standing [presumably Joseph Standing's father or brother] had dinner with us. Brother McBride called to the S. S. [Southern States] Mission reported himself for duty and would be ready at the appointed time. At night attended a lecture by Rudger Clawsen at the 12th Ward School house. It was well delivered. Learned that Joseph Smith, H. Smith,  S. S. Smith, C. Cowdery, D. Whitmer, and O. Whitmer were the 1st members of the church.

John Morgan was in Salt Lake preparing to return to the Southern States Mission and perhaps he was awaiting the February arrival of a child. On the morning of the 11th [February] at 1:15 Mellie gave birth to our first boy, over which we had much rejoicing.

Rudger Clawson was Joseph Standing’s missionary companion in Varnell, Georgia, and was with him on July 21, 1879 when Standing was murdered by a mob. Clawson afterwards turned to the mob and defied them to “shoot!” They soon dispersed in the face of his defiance and willingness to face them. Elder Clawson returned his slain companion’s body to Salt Lake.

Most of an entire year is missing from the John Morgan journal following Joseph Standing’s death until January 1, 1881, when John Morgan worked from his office on school and mission matters. 

James Standing (1815-1886)
James Varley Standing (1848-1925)

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