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Bessie Morgan Rex letter to Harold. January 10, 1938.

P. H. Rex and Bessie Morgan Rex home in Randolph, Utah

Continued from here: Bessie Morgan Rex's letters to her missionary son Harold Morgan Rex, serving a mission in Brazil.
Randolph, Utah
January 10, ‘38

My dear son,   further away than ever

It is early 8:30 & so much excitement. Maeser just came in from the stock show.
Well, first of all. We received your letter telling us of your transfer. My dear, I am simply overjoyed, for you, both for your promotion and change of field. I’m sure you are enjoying the change, & I’m glad you are in a cooler climate. I have all the faith in the world that you will make good.

Now, I suppose you are wanting to hear about the boys calves. Morgan came in 4th place again, and Maeser’s calf stayed in the coliseum. Such happy kids. It is good experience for them. Have they economized. Remember? And how glad I am that we can trust them to not smoke & carouse around like some do when they are out of our sight.

Received a letter from Helen tonight too & she said she saw your picture with the basketball team in the Era. She is so anxious to hear from you. I hope you
have written to her. She is one grand girl. They both work in the ward. I’m sure if Glenn will just come near doing his part they can have an ideal home.

You know, I have been rather under the weather with cold, but your letter & Maeser coming home have made me so much better.

Roy came in just as I finished reading your letter. He is going back to the mission field Sunday & came in to say goodbye. He sends his best regards. Sheldon isn’t going for awhile. I surely hope he doesn’t wait too long & lose the spirit altogether.

I heard a program Sat. night on Brazilian history. It was very nice, and I enjoyed it very much.
This has been the strangest winter so far. No snow or cold weather, but maybe it will be like it was the winter you left.  Oh, that Feb. night you left. I shall never forget it.

Here it is 7:00 a.m. I must finish this and get it off as I seem to be the 
only one writing this time.

The wind has blown so hard all night long, but hasn’t stirred up much in the way of snow clouds.
I must tell you. The church is practically finished. It is to be carpeted, draped, & new choir seats. The amusement hall has been painted. That is, the walls. Randolph can be proud of her church buildings. Did you get those pictures I sent you? I just cant understand the mail.

Blair Findlay sent us a card & sent his regards to you. I think he is making out very well now. Did you get the shirts we sent.

Well, I must close. My dear, our hearts  & thots are ever with you. It seems far away to look at the map, but I don’t worry about you as I would if you were just there on business. Do your part my dear, & all will be well with you. Best love & kisses from all of us, and a good big extra hug from


Note: I wonder who Blair Findlay, Roy and Sheldon are?


  1. That is a great picture of the house. My guess is that Roy is Roy Shelby and that Sheldon is Sheldon Kennedy. I don't know about Blair Findlay.
    Sheldon lived the rest of his life and raised his family in Randolph on a ranch south east of town. The Shelbys moved.

  2. Thank you for the identifications Flora Lee. That beautiful snow covered Rex family home is from your mother's negative collection.