Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bessie Morgan Rex letter to Harold. December 19, 1937, typed text.

A Christmas Card from Bessie's scrapbook.
Today it's Christmas in July. 
My attempt to post Bessie Morgan Rex's letters
to her missionary son in chronological order.
The following letter was posted here in 2009
I didn't type the letter at that time.
It follows below and is much easier to read.

Randolph, Ut.
Dec. 19, 1937.

My dear son.,

One week before Xmas. No word from you for two weeks, but I’ll just keep writing. Daddy & his two boys have been to church all day. They have done fine. Flora & I have stayed home. It made me sick Past Sunday, so I stayed here & rested. Have been reading a beautiful book, called “The Man of Galilee.” It is just wonderful.

When I write next week, Xmas will have come & gone. I am glad for swiftly passing time. You will see some changes when you get home. This family is simply walking out on me. Am think-[ing] of things I want to do when I am left alone. I should like to write stories & books. That would help keep me young. It is awful to think of growing old, but it seems only yesterday that I was as young as you.

The weather here is grand. It hasn’t been very cold, and no snow. Morgan & Maeser went over on the east hill for a Xmas tree. When he (Maeser) started to tell how he lost the

Page 2 - seat of his pants, I thot of you and your father. Remember what pretty trees you got, but what a job. Morgan reminded me of the fight I used to have to keep you in bed on Xmas morning.

Trees now are decorated with blue & white lights and are streamlined, but ours will be old fashioned. Tomorrow we make popcorn balls, & Maeser is going to string some.

Have you ever received a Reaper. Willie M. isn’t going to send it any more, because he thinks you don’t get it. There isn’t much in it.

The college students are home for the holidays. The H. S. has a good basketball team this year, or so they tell me. My boys just don’t play. Oh excuse me I forgot about you. Morgan is so serious. He likes physics & geometry & shop work and is a good student. But I wish he would take more recreation. He studies harder than his big brother used to. Never goes below C.

Do you ever hear broadcast from here. We have some very interesting news commentators, & I enjoy them so much.

Page 3 -  So much is going on in this world of ours. Boake Carter is a very brilliant one, who knows his stuff. There is one woman too who is excellent.

Tonight the L.D.S. church is giving “The Messiah” over the Columbia networks from Independence. I am sitting up to hear it.

Well, here this letter isn’t off. The next night we received your very grand letter of Nov 23. It made me feel so good. Also your Xmas card & it nearly made me cry. Never mind. Time will go fast now.

Uncle Will had to come up & tell me he had a letter & card from you. He was very pleased.
I received Xmas greetings from Vash Young & Clara. Oh of course all the folks. Xmas is know king.  My I’m not ready but then. This Xmas will have to be very quiet. Uncle Will asked us down to have dinner with them.

Page 4 -  I suppose these folks think my family wouldn’t fare very well if I had to get dinner for them.
We have Flora’s doll & Dr. set. The boys will get clothes & a game or two. Well I shall have to stop & let Maeser take this down.

Game & dance tonite.
Dance tomorrow nite
Snow & dance next night
Morg is happy.

Love & kisses from all of us.

Lovingly, Mother

Notes on Boake Carter and more here.


  1. love the doll and doctor set. And Mandy would like to write stories and books also:)

  2. Thanks for your comments Nancy. Three generations later Mandy's longings parallel her great grandmother's :-) I hope she continues to act upon them.