Monday, July 15, 2013

Last week's visit to Randolph, Utah. July 9-11, 2013.

Last week I was invited to Randolph, Utah to visit and quilt with cousins. 
The outing was as wonderful as it sounds.
I thought you might enjoy walking some streets with me. 
I passed P. H. and Bessie and Mary Rex's home on Canyon Street several times.
 It looks very very nice. 
An evening walk through the cemetery revealed the  Church Steeple
 amid the pines and the Crawford Mountains in the distance.

Walking back down Canyon Street from Cemetery Hill
 you pass a new school complex on the right. 
The lights were on in the Chapel on Main Street that evening. 
It is built of bricks made by my great-great Grandfather Samuel Brough.
I visited the Old Town Jail where it is housed on a lot east of town next to the DUP Museum. Both buildings were moved there and are filled with Randolph and family memorabilia. Such a treat.

 This wall phone hung inside the jailhouse door and looked to me exactly like the one that hung inside of Grandpa P. H. Rex's front door. I remember watching the grown ups crank it up to use it. Grandmother Bessie Rex wrote to her mother in Salt Lake about her phone, saying she'd have called her with the news, except she can't hear on their new telephone.

This cream separator is similar to the stainless steel separator
 my Grandmother Emily Frazier used in Woodruff, Utah.
 She kept it on her back porch. 
This is the front door to the DUP Museum that formerly
 stood behind the church house.
 This bench  is familiar, and very like the one that once sat
 on Grandpa P. H. Rex's front porch.
 It is an early bench from the Randolph Church.
 This pressed glass pedestal cake plate and the green vase below it
 were donated by Grandmother Aunt Mary Herbert Rex.
Whoever the items originally belonged to isn't known. 
This chrome trimmed stove displayed a Brough cast iron cooking kettle
 on the left rear of the cook-top. 
This Honor Roll hung in an early Randolph Court House. 
It names John Morgan Rex and others
 who made the supreme sacrifice in service to our country.

The view to the East across the meadows is beautiful.
 The Crawford Mountains border the valley on the East.
The Randolph Recreation Hall was built by the community in 1936. 
P. H. Rex was the bishopric counselor over the work project. 
It now houses the Senior Citizens Center and Library. 


  1. What wonderful pictures!!! And you remember all the details:) Wish my memory was that good. It was a great two days!!!! Thanks for coming!

  2. Yes, great pictures. The one of the church in the evening turned out extremely nice. We had a great time.

  3. I too love the one of the Church. An unexpected bonus! For your kind of fun I'll be back :-)