Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 2013 trip to Wyoming's Brigham Young Pioneer Vanguard Trail.

During my recent visit to Northern Utah my cousins chauffeured me (in a big truck) to some of the early nearby Wyoming pioneer trail sites. This rock arrow is purportedly what remains of an arrow Brigham Young left to direct travelers who came after him. Our great great Grandparents Nicholas and Elizabeth Thompson Groesbeck passed this way with the John Banks Company in 1856.
This marker is for a crossing of the Muddy. Presently there is very little water near the site.
These large old trees are evidence of earlier moisture. Nothing more than the creek below, with a bridge built over it for modern-day pioneers to pull their handcarts across. It was beautiful and green, if not muddy.
Markers have been added at actual pioneer grave sites along the trail.

High on this sandstone rock  Philo Dibble Jr. carved his name here while hiding out from Johnston's Army in 1857.
Very near the sandstone carving pictured above is this marker. It identifies the site as part of the original Pioneer Trail.

On a highway northeast of Evanston, Wyoming stands this marker that reads:

ERECTED by the members of the 
Woodruff Stake of the Church 
of JESUS CHRIST of Latter day Saints
in honor of the PIONEERS
 who passed this spot July 12, 1847
 under the leadership of 

Dedicated Sept 20, 1924

The monument was dedicated by Great Grandfather William Rex (1844-1927). His then six-year-old granddaughter Winifred Rex Andrus, attended the dedication, and wrote her name with others on a paper that was left inside of the monument. 


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for the pictures and notes. I hope you had a great Pioneer Day.

  2. Thanks so much for spending a couple of days with us. Your pictures and comments brought back good memories of those days. We must do it again.