Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joseph Standing. He Being Dead Yet Speaketh!

Joseph Standing Gravestone, Salt Lake City Cemetery, October 2009.

I had the most remarkable experience at A DUP Regional Convention last week.  During the meeting I presented the “artifact” I’d been assigned to bring, a white dress my Great Grandmother Morgan made for her granddaughter, my mother, Helen Rex Frazier. And I gave a brief history of Helen Melvina “Mellie” Groesbeck Morgan.

Following the meeting a woman approached me and wanted to talk with me about my Great Grandfather John Morgan.  She said John Morgan had been President of the “Georgia Mission” when her ancestor Cornelious Stover was baptized by Joseph Standing in 1879. Ten years later in 1889 she said John Morgan was still mission president, went to Virginia, and he baptized another ancestor named William Kyle Shupe. Both Stover and Shupe immigrated to Manassa, Colorado. Stover and a Shupe daughter were married in Manassa, and she is their descendant. Incredible!   I’ve been smiling ever since.

When I read Amy’s post about Joseph Standing this morning, He Being Dead Yet Speaketh, and saw the picture she posted of the Georgia tunnels, I decided it was time to open my collection of John Morgan’s journal pages again. He Being Dead Yet Speaketh!

It’s like an old friend calling me back to study.

From John Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

1878, October 24 -- Wrote some letters this a.m. After dinner we drove by the station [Varnell], from there to Tunnell Hill and spent the afternoon and night with Mr. Tenill? Had quite a pleasant time. 

October 25 -- Afternoon we left Tunnell Hill, having met Ed. F. Sessions and had a talk with him about R. R. matters. Drove to the station. From there to Elledges where we are tonight.

October 26 -- Wrote a few letters and looked for a place to baptize and in the afternoon drove to the station and from there to Hufakers. Late in the evening drove to Elledges.

October 27 -- At 9 a.m. went to the Creek and Jos. [Joseph Standing] Baptized Mrs. Elizabeth Elledge, Mrs. Mary Huffaker, and Henry Huffaker. After we went to the meeting house and I there confirmed them by the laying on of hands. I then preached a sermon on the first principles and in the afternoon made ready to start to Ala., but the rain fell so fast, gave it up.

October 28 -- Started early this morning for the cove. Very cold. Had dinner at Mother Parks. Arrived at Brother Bart [Jesse Bartlett] Faucetts about 4 p.m. Found all well.

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  1. That's amazing, Bessie! I'm super busy today, but I'll try and send you an email with some additional thoughts.