Friday, March 15, 2013

Samanthy Ann Walton Caldwell Witherell, 1863.

1834, Mexico, Maine - 1919 Woodruff, Utah

Joseph Smith III from Wikipedia

The Semiannual Conference convened in North Star branch, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, October 6, 1863. Joseph Smith presided, Alphonso Young and Edward W. Knapp were clerks. The following-named elders reported: Joseph Smith, E. C. Briggs (by letter), Hugh Lytle, Colby Downs, Eli Clothier, Wheeler Baldwin, W. A. Litz, J. A. McIntosh, William Redfield, Alphonso Young, D. M. Gamet, George Morey, Nathan Lindsey, Frank Reynolds, E. Page, George Medlock, Lehi Ellison, George Sweet, John Jamison, D. H. Bays, and W. W. Blair. 

“On the 7th Barton Parker and S. W. Condit reported. The following branch reports were presented: Plum Creek, Camp Creek, Fremont, Union, Little River, Glenwood, Nephi, North Star, Galland’s Grove, Bigler’s Grove, Omaha, Farm Creek, Raglan, Crescent City, Onawa, Council Bluggs, Boyer, Boomer, Weeping Water, Wheeler’s Grove, Little Sioux.

Elder D. H. Bays baptized Elizabeth Frazier, Sumantha A. Coldwell, Benjamin E. Ballowe, and J. F. Speight. On the 8th Elder Colby Downs baptized Ellen Chadburn, William Traver, David Wilding, Emily Smith, William Bowers, and Jacob Stoker.

Elijah B. Gaylord, Uriah Roundy, James Newberry, John Smith, and John Outhouse were ordained high priests, by Joseph Smith and W. W. Blair.

The following resolutions were adopted:-
“Resolved, that the counties of Shelby, Crawford, Audubon, Guthrie, Dallis, Polk, and Sac, be under the presidency of J. A. McIntosh; Mills, Fremont, Page, and Taylor counties, under Wheeler Baldwin; Decatur and vicinity, under George Morey; Central Nebraska, under George Hatt; South Nebraska, under Elders A. Young and William A. Litz; Harrison and Monona counties, under Silas W. Condit; Pottawattamie and Cass counties, under Hugh Lytle.

 "Resolved, that this conference authorize the committee of publication to publish the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, with such corrections in arrangement as may be necessary."

-True Latter Day Saints' Herald, vol. 4, p. 122. 

Anna's cemetery headstone late summer 2011.
Looking North along the Frazier/Walton row in the Woodruff, Utah Cemetery, 2011. Samanthy Ann's broken headstone is in the foreground.
Stephen Vestal Frazier's vacant Rock Home on the old Frazier Ranch. 

Consider this a call to Walton/Frazier family members to support Samanthy Ann's headstone repair. Last summer I received a couple of bids and it will be $400 to have the stone up-righted, repaired, and re-attached to the base. You can contact me at the e-mail on this blog for donation mailing instructions.


  1. I am so glad Amy was able to help you with some of your Frazier Family History. It is such a small world in many ways. Your pictures also helped me to remember the wonderful time we had in Woodruff and Randolph. We must do it again. I made a payment on the William Rex marker work today.

  2. Thank you for the memories. I was struck by how neat and orderly the Woodruff Cemetery looks to me in these pictures. And how I look forward to being on cemetery hill in Randolph on Memorial Day with you and family. Thank you for pulling off the improvements there. Amazing!