Sunday, March 3, 2013

71st anniversary of the loss of Sgt. John Morgan Rex.

From this morning's e-mail:

Hello Bessie,
Just a short note to express my thoughts to you and your family today on the 71st anniversary of the loss of your Uncle Sgt John Morgan Rex.

I plan to go out today to the beach over looking out towards the search area where we believe the Liberator went down to pay my respects.

It may sound strange but I am emotionally connected to these missing men and their families, I can’t help it going through all the information, learning about families and crew and of course the search itself to find it, many hours so far.

This week in Darwin there is a new plaque been put on a 60 meter memorial wall for all those who died during the attacks on Darwin and other towns including Broome. A total 1670 people killed.

You will be happy to know that the crew on the Liberator are on that wall including your Uncle Morgan.

I will send you a photo of it once I can obtain one.
God Bless and we are thinking of you and others this day.

Kind regards
Dion Marinis
Western Australia


  1. How sweet of her! What a kind note!

  2. It is so great that you have this connection to Broome now. It is nice to know about the monument in Darwin.