Monday, February 4, 2013

Monuments to John Morgan Rex (1920-1942)

 Marker in Memory Grove, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
North side of the Meditation Chapel below.
Meditation Chapel, Memory Grove
 is a space set apart for quiet reflection.
 Mr. and Mrs. Ross Beason built the chapel in 1948
 as a memorial to their son, Ross Beason, Jr.,
 and all other Utahns who died in World War II.

The War Memorial in Broome, Australia is pictured here and here.

John Morgan Rex's involvement in World War II


  1. There is a Sister in our ward who grew up in Perth Australia. We were visiting her recently and Bob told her about Uncle Morgan. She remembers the Broome One Day War. She was 9 at the time and in school. The sirens started to go off and the students were lead to a protected area. They were given a bag with water and some food in it. She said she was scared. They thought the Japanese planes might fly right on down the coast to Perth.

  2. Thank you Flora Lee. How nice to know of someone who was spared that day and could tell about it these many years later.