Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Elizabeth Abbott (1816-1896)

Elizabeth Abbott

 My nephew's request for an ancestor's picture, sent me to my "pictures and notes I haven't yet identified pile." This lady isn't the picture he was looking for, but I'd just seen her on an old picture family pedigree chart. Then I understood who she is. She is Elizabeth Bott Brough's mother. Number 55-Elizabeth Abbott Bott on the bottom of my blog face page.

Elizabeth turned her daughter, Elizabeth, away from her home after she courted and married a Mormon, Samuel Brough. After her baptism she was never again welcome at her Mother's home.

I enjoyed the backside of the picture as much as the picture. 
And Mother's (Helen Rex Frazier) hand identifying her picture warmed my heart.


  1. Now that I see the "hand writing" on the envelope enlarged, I doubt Helen Rex Frazier wrote it.

  2. You are right, the back is very interesting. I have a hard time placing ancestors "in time". What was going on in England when Elizabeth and Samuel were courting? She looks a little stern, but then most of them do.

  3. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments, Flora Lee. Elizabeth was the oldest of her mother's nine children, and worked in a pottery factory. Her marrying and leaving her parents' family must have changed much for her mother.