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Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter written June 29, 1937, concluded.

 The front walk gate into P. H. and Bessie Rex's Randolph Home (about 1941).
(continued from here)

Well, this is the next morning, and I must finish this letter. Daddy and the boys have gone out to milk, so I have some time to write. Soon after I had quit quilting last night, Helen brought in your two letters. Did they make me feel good. I had been a little blue about you, but they cheered me up just fine. I cant understand you not getting a letter for three weeks. We have never missed over one week. I mean, if we haven’t written one Sunday we have the next or a day or so after. THIS bunch around here all think they are so busy. I am so glad you have ideas about going to school. Keep them right in your head all the time. We laughed about you playing basketball. Now feature that. Did you beat Joinville? Well, if you cant preach the Gospel one way, you can another. Something is the matter with this “r” [Note: it didn't print, I have filled them all in]. It doesn’t always hit right.

It is the most glorious morning here. Everything is so green and beautiful. And the sun is so warm. Things should just spring up.

You spoke of conditions over in Europe. I cant see how people outside of Germany, whether they are Germans or not, can think anything good of Hitler or Mussolini. I wish I had saved some of the articles I have read for you, but I shall watch out from now on, and send you something each week. We are all very much interested in the strikes here, and so I am sending you a piece by one of the leading columnists of the country. People over the whole country fear this John L. Lewis. He has quite a bit of power. Heaven hope he never gets much farther or we would have a dictator like those in Europe. We take Colliers and there are usually some fine articles in it, so I shall send you some of them.

We went to see “The Main of Salem” last night. It is a story of witch-craft, and people were all saying how terrible it must have been to live in those days of such ignorance. Well, sometimes, I think we can show just as much ignorance. I am afraid you will be appalled at the number of girls smoking, when you come back to the states. It is terrible. And repeal of the prohibition law hasn’t helped the drinking out any. It is getting worse all the time. But even at that, we haven’t a man at the head of the nation who is thirsting for more power and territory. We are at least broadminded enough to get along with our neighbors. And we certainly don’t want their lands. I am sure the U.S., is still far ahead of Europe.

Do those [German] people down there think that U.S. was responsible for the burning of the Hindenburg. I think the German investigators who came over, were satisfied with the investigation. I heard a man over the air not many nights ago, say that it was caused by hydrogen gas leaking from the cells, and becoming ignited. I think the fault of the U.S. lies in the fact that they had held helium gas at such a high price. They are planning to sell it much cheaper now. I shall look up an article I read on that and send it along too. Of course it was terrible, but Germans must remember that the ship had never been near U.S. soil when it exploded. If anything had been done to the ship, it must have been done before it started out from Germany.

Say, and I am convinced that England is the most levelheaded of the nations in Europe right now. I only hope they can keep peace over there. It is said that the fight in Spain is not for control of Spain but for ideas of the different nations of Europe. Nazi-ism and Communism are the two big forces at work. And they are being fought out on the battlefields of Spain. It is a terrible thing.

I am glad you have your eyes and ears open. Get all you can. After all, that is all that counts in this life. Well, I must be closing. It is 7:30, and I must get this off. Keep up your good work. I hope things will look a little better, and we can get some things off to you. The Lord is surely helping, or I don’t know how we would ever manage. Be a good boy. We all send love and kisses. Write a nice long letter like the two last again. I just love them.

Lovingly, Mother

Note: [I have learned more about my Grandmother Bessie Morgan Rex than I ever imagined I might since I began copying her letters. She was an incredibly intelligent woman, and sought the stimulation she received studying and conversing about important world affairs. Her son Harold’s last two letters, undoubtedly about current world events, met her need, and she hungered for more.]

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