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Percy Harold Rex. Letter to his son August 2, 1937.

Visiting Rex family members - the hay-field, Randolph, Utah
about the time this letter was written

Percy Harold Rex 1940s
Randolph, Utah
Aug. 2-37.
My Dear Son,

(I added some punctuation to make the letter easier to read.)
I will try and write you a few lines to let you know we are still alive up here in the land Northward. All the rest of the family are in bed except Helen she went to Evanston this afternoon with Uncle Will. He is talking of getting another new car. Don’t you wish it would have been you. Do you still hear from the young lady up there.

Winnie will be home Sat for 2 weeks if will be nice to have her here for a while again. In another year we will be counting [on] both of you coming home for a while. Afton and Ben are going to be married on Sept. 2 and I think Dallas J. and a Lady Missionary are to be married this month some time. Helen and Glen have it rather Bad and I think it will happen with them before so very much longer.

We celebrated the 24 of July or rather your birthday we had some time. There was a parade in the morning and also a program in the afternoon, foot races, soft Ball game between the girls and men. Rodeo and horse races.

Your little brother won a dollar with old Louie, she isn’t what she used to be as one hind leg has gone bad and she can’t start [on] cue [to] go as well. Even then she beat a sorrel horse Earl Wilson used to have. J. Thornic has him now and it sure got a. w. and Kays goat to have the old mare beat them because they are so important. We are going to have a fair and rodeo Sept 14 & 15. You will just be getting this letter about the time we will be celebrating, your spring will be coming and our autum.

We are just going to start on our hay tomorrow. We helped Monroe Smith with his alfalfa, it took us the best part of two weeks up there and it seems like it takes a long time to get started. It wont take so long as the boys are bigger and better men, and we have two mowers now so we can cut a piece down and then put it up.

There is quite a lot of work around here this year, they are building the road between here and Woodruff ready for oiling another year, and the mutual creamery is going to build a new cheese factory out south of town on the little hill just North of the Big Creek

Where the pioneers camped it is to cost between 6 & $10,000.00 so it will be quite a nice Building and a credit to our town.

Mary and Eldon have been here. They are on their vacation and are they fat. Eldon can put his brother to shame for fat and Mary was always quite plump. They are the same Jolly good sports so different from Freddie, but he will be different when he gets older. Leland and his Family live in the front two rooms of Mis Kennedy house so we have them for neighbors, but you don’t see a lot of them.

Bishop Johnson and his wife had a car reck [sic. wreck] two weeks ago and almost died. Mrs. Johnson was broke her collar bone again and has all three ribs and Bruised him up quite badly. She is still in Bed part of the time, But he has been going all the time outside of a day or two. He has been to Chicago to see if he could buy the Shield ranch and put some colonies down there, he want [s] to get a part of the Range land and the church is more or less behind the movement.

I have about run out of talk and it is after 10 p.m. and we have to get up quite early to get anything done in the hayfields. By the time we go out and milk and eat our breakfast and get to the field it is late. We have just received one letter from you in the last three weeks and I think it was just two pages.  If you could, send us a few pictures of the country. Have you ever run on two any of the old Nephi Ruins in your travel, and by the way I think you Promised Sister Clawson a letter when you got in the mission field. I was talking to her not so long ago, she hinted you owe her a letter so write one to her. She would like to go down to Peru and see the natives of South American. 

Aunt Gail and Uncle Jack [Picture of Jack and Gail Morgan Clayton here at the bottom.] are going to bring Winnie home Sat. and visit over Sunday. I am out of paper so I had better close now praying the Lord Bless you in your labors in accordance with your needs is the prayer we so ask for you.

With lots of love your Daddy

Please excuse the pencil. 

Grandfather Percy Harold Rex at work about the time this letter was written.

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