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Grange Hall, Illinois, April 4-8, 1876. Elders Morgan and Standing.

Grange halls can be found all over the United States.
The Grange was a movement or organization
Started by farmers in the late 19th century.
It started out as a social organization
And later got involved in politics.

On April 4, 1876, after traveling three miles southeast of Bismark (Continued from here) Elders John Morgan and Joseph Standing arrived at Mr. Daniel Johnson’s and he invited them to have breakfast with him. It was an excellent beginning to their day, and to a new location.

“Joseph went back up the R.R. 7 or 8 miles for our mail. Walked 2-1/2 miles to the school house where the Township’s election was going on, obtained the use of the Hall and two school houses to speak in. At the invitation of the crowd I spoke to them some length of time relative to our views.  Was kindly treated. In the afternoon came back to Mr. Johnson’s and stayed all night. Was well treated and enjoyed myself very much. Looks like rain, some."  

The next day Elder Morgan spent at Mr. and Mrs. Stan’s. He wrote a long letter to the (Deseret) News on the school question and other points, talked with several different gentlemen, and had a long talk with his hosts “about an expose of Mormonism they had.”

On April 6 they stayed overnight at State Line City, Illinois, there they “Spoke to a large audience at Pleasant Brown School House who gave close attention and treated us very kindly. Plowed a round or two, the first in many years. Our conference assembled today in Salt Lake City. May the spirit of God be with them and may his blessings be poured out on them.”

Grange Hall, April 7, 1876 – "Came up to Mr. Sol. Starr’s and spent the day. Assisted to pick some potatoes and went to the Grange Hall where I addressed a large audience upon the subject of cooperation and our temporal work. Good attention was paid and a good spirit manifested by those who listened. I spoke two hours almost. Stayed all night with Isaac Johnson. Was kindly treated, but had to endure a terrible storm of poetry that was poured out upon me by the author. The Grange movements here is quite strong and is doing a good work. The people treated us kindly and considerately."

State Line, Illinois, April 8, 1876 - "Came to Esquire Johnson’s and obtained a shelter. Went to State Line City, two miles distant with Mr. Thomas Cox. Called upon Col. A. E. Wall’s father and had a pleasant interview. Walked about town awhile. Came back in Messrs. Cox and Allion’s company and had some considerable conversation with them on our views and ideas. Joseph cleaned up the school room and addressed the crowd. After some length of time, I spoke. The house was crowded full. At Mr. Johnson’s they had a dance and Mr. Johnson and I argued on the scripture until between two and three o’clock."

(To be continued.)

John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Picture from Wikipedia.

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