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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina "Mellie" Morgan lose their first son. December, 1881.

Mellie probably had this picture taken to send to her husband John while he served as president of the Southern States Mission [January 1878 – January 1888] 

Gravestone for baby John Morgan was placed in the family plot by descendant Flora Elizabeth Rex Lamborn and others in 2010.

From the Southern States Mission Field
In late 1881 John Morgan wrote from St. Louis on December 2, “met brother Cowley who accompanied me to the St. James”.

December 3, 1881. – Attended meeting at the Saints Hall p.m. and evening. A small attendance. Received a letter from Mellie stating that the baby was sick. Wrote and telegraphed home.

December 4 – Attending morning service and had dinner at Mr. Martins. At the p.m. meeting I preached on the Apostacy of the Church. After meeting brother Cowley handed me a dispatch announcing the death of my little boy.
At 8:20 started for home via Wabash R.R.

December 5 – Arrived at Omaha at 10:40 and met Mr. C. C. Stebbins who gave me a pass over the U.P. to Ogden. Left for the west at 12:20.

December 6 and 7  -- On the road these two days. Storming some and quite unpleasant. Arrived at Ogden at 6 p.m. and met brother [Nicholas] Groesbeck. Arrived at home at 7:40 and met my family in deepest sorrow. It was one of the severest trials of my life to have to look in the face of my dead boy.

December 8 – At home all day. A few called to see us and made preparation for the funeral which was appointed at 12 o-clock tomorrow.

December 9 – At 12 the front room was filled by friends to attend the funeral. Pres. Jos. F. Smith spoke to the people. We then followed our dead to the cemetery and layed him to rest.

December 10 and 11 – At home these two days. Brother Jas. Mart called and had a talk about emigration.

December 12 – Went up to brother Groesbecks today.

December 13 – Called on Pres. Taylor today and had a talk about mission matters.

December 14 and 15 – At home resting up and enjoying the society of my dear ones. Applied for a situation in the Legislature.

December 25 and 26 – At home these two days and enjoyed Christmas with my family. Most beautiful weather all through month.

January 9, 1882 -- Have been at home most of the time since the 26th. This a.m. met with the Legislature and was elected Engrossing Clerk and took the oath of office.

January 28 -- Attended the Legislature since last record, and wrote a number of letters. At a party last night.

February 3, 1882 -- Attended the sittings of the Legislature since the 28 ult. Wrote a few letters and mailed quite an amount of papers, tracts, etc. Weather quite cold and clear.

February 8 -- Attended the Priesthood meeting Saturday at the assembly Hall and meeting on Sunday, also at the Ward. Brother Andrus and myself addressed the meeting p.m. Sunday. Dispatches of the 7th given the passage of a bill disqualifying a polygamist from a seat in Congress. Weather quite cold and pleasant.

February 10 – Attended a party at the Social Hall. Had a pleasant time. Writing in the Legislature. Weather warm and pleasant.

Note: These scant journal entries are John Morgan's only entries during this time. John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Special Curriculum, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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  1. I cannot begin to imagine what a hard time this was for them. Their first son dieing. I'm glad GG Morgan got to stay at home for sometime after the babies death.