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"Have a little too much to do, but trust Brother Standing will be here soon."

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John Hamilton Morgan Journal entry 
February 15, 1876
Spoke last night at the Wilcox School House to a small audience. Joseph [Standing] bore his testimony and spoke a few moments very well. Stayed all night at Mr. Wilcox’s and was well treated.

February 16, Money Creek, 
Spoke last night at an old log house to a pretty fair audience who paid close attention. Bro. [Joseph] Standing spoke well and we were blessed with a portion of the Holy Spirit. Visited a Mr. Willoughby and had an opportunity of teaching many points of my father to him and others. Cold and freezing weather. Feel well. Held meeting at the old log house tonight, but few in attendance; but enjoyed a good spirit and trust that we did good, but feel that our mission is about ended and I think it best for us to strike out toward Ind. Soon, holding meetings as we travel, going slow and preaching as we go. May God bless us in our effort to proclaim His Gospel.

February 18, Money Creek,
Visited Mr. Johnson’s folks on yesterday and had dinner. Also called on Mr. Lukenbill and had supper. Spoke at Mr. Phillip’s on the Baptism for the dead and had a good congregation who paid close attention to what I said. Enjoyed a portion of the Spirit of God and feel that we are still doing good here.  Weather pleasant and agreeable and a good time to hold meetings. Were invited to dinner at Mrs. Argle’s where we expect to go today
February 24, Money Creek,
Left Money Creek on the 21st to go to Normal and see the folks. Walked to Towanda and went down on the train. Visited Miss Beeston and Dr. Ferguson. Spent three days very pleasantly and agreeably. Returned to Mr. Johnson’s today and from there came over to Mr. Albert Ogden’s where we are tonight. Pleasant weather, Go to the Macinaw tomorrow. 

(To be continued.)

Note: The people John Morgan stayed with and became acquainted with in Illinois and Indiana, are the people he  returned to visit in 1883 when he traveled East from Salt Lake with his wife Mellie. Some of the family names John Morgan mentioned in his journal appear in this newspaper article of the settlers who pioneered this Illinois area. 
John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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