Monday, April 15, 2013

Bessie Morgan Rex. August 1937 letter to her son Harold.

On Bear Lake about 1923. Morgan Cousins named left to right below.

This letter wasn't dated, but appears to fit here. It follows the previously posted letter from Bessie Morgan and P. H. Rex to their son Harold who was serving a mission in Brazil in August 1937.

Unknown date
My dear boy,

I have been neglecting you sadly. It seems there is so much to do & I am so slow. I put things off so, especially letter writing. We haven’t had a letter for over two weeks from you. Don’t you know that makes me worry about you.

It is so nice to have Winnie home. Wish I could keep her here, but of course that is out of the question.

We have been canning vegetables. Next year I’ll can some for you, wont I. Peas, beans, leeks, greens etc. We have been having beautiful weather for haying

 Did we tell you about Blaine Marshall. He had a nervous breakdown. I am afraid his mind is affected. They should never have sent him.

Uncle Jack & Gail [Clayton] were here last Sat & Sunday, & we had a very nice time.

Morgan sent for his gas motor, & is all up in the air about it.

We had those pictures you sent to Clara here. I am so slighted . To think you couldn’t send me a nice picture like the one standing by your bike. I nearly wore them out.

It isn’t much use to tell you how pretty my flowers are. Useless, when one is living in such beautiful surrounds as you are.

Aunt Gail is trying to get Jack on a mission. Maybe an inspirational letter from you might help. She would be tickled to death.

Well it is getting near mail time. Flora will take this down. She looks so funny, lost her front teeth. She is surely growing up.

I shall surely do better next time, dearie, or try to.

Helen does so much planning about getting married. I’m thinking you wouldn’t have put it off so long.

Well, here is Flora, so I must close.

Love & kisses & hoping we get a nice long letter next week.

Helen is laughing at my stationery.

Lovingly, Mother.

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