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Memorial Day Memories of the Logan Temple Dedication

Ancestral Ties is a tribute to my parents. I hope to post and pass on some of the things they gathered and gave me. And Memorial Day is a good beginning.

Saturday’s Church News, May 23, 2009, published the following and sparked what I added.

This week in Church history reminds us that 125 years ago the Logan Utah Temple was dedicated by President John Taylor in three sessions May 17-19, 1884, according to the 2009 Church Almanac.

[Editor’s note: I knew my Great Grandfather John Morgan attended that dedication and that his wife went with him. I’d read about it earlier this month. I’ve promised myself for years that after retirement I’d read the John Morgan journal in the Marriott Library, Salt Lake City. It is a photocopy (quite poor in places) of a typed copy of his journal. My intent in reading the journal, and copying some sections, is to become better acquainted with him, my great grandmother, his other wives, and his families. I’m pleased to say that in the instance of the Logan Temple dedication, Mellie was able to accompany him on the trip, and share what the Saints experienced then.]

The Logan Temple was the Church’s fourth temple and the second dedicated in Utah; the St. George temple was dedicated in 1877. The others dedicated in Utah in the 19th Century were the Manti Utah Temple on May 17, 1888, and the Salt Lake Temple on April 6-24, 1893.

The 9-acre Logan temple site overlooking Cache Valley was selected by President Brigham Young, according to the almanac. Under his direction, the site was dedicated on May 17, 1877, by Elder Orson Pratt of the Quorum of the Twelve.

Church History in the Fulness of Times states of the temple dedication: “The Saints … witnessed a rich outpouring of the Spirit at the temple’s dedication.”

The Logan Utah Temple was rededicated by President Spencer W. Kimball on March 14-15, 1979, after extensive remodeling.

From the typed copy of John Morgan’s journal, John Morgan collection, Marriott Library, Special Collections, 1884, pages 5-6.

May 13, 14, 15

Nothing of any particular interest occurring. Made preparations to go to the Logan Temple. Applied for and got tickets to the Dedication Services. Made arrangements for reduced rate for self.

May 16
In company with Mellie took the 7:30 train O. C. R. R. for Logan. Some eight car loads of people. It rained quite a number of showers during the trip and was quite cool. On the U. N. R. R. we took two trains, one of 12 cars, and one of 8, all of which arrived safely at Logan at about 2 p.m.

My wife and self stopped at brother Jos. Morrells who is south on a mission. The great concourse of people were all provided for by the Saints of Logan. Attended meeting a short time and then called on sister Hannah Thatcher and family.

May 17
At an early hour this a.m. in company with many hundreds of saints, we wended our way to the Temple and at 10 a.m. the east doors being opened the crowd began to pass in, filing up a spiral staircase, we were ushered into the main audience room, capable of seating 1,500 people all of the seats being filled. The choir sang a hymn, after which Pres. Jno. Taylor offered up the Dedicatory prayer, occupying considerable time. A hymn was sung after which Pres. Geo. Q. Cannon addressed the people followed by Pres. Jos. F. Smith and Wilford Woodruff. After Pres. Taylor leading the entire company shouted Hossanah to God and the Lamb, forever, amen. After some general instructions the choir sang an anthem, composed for the occasion by brother Evan Stevens, and the closing prayer was offered by Patriarch John Smith. Led by Pres. Taylor, the congregation then filed two and two through the building passing the main rooms coming out at the point of entrance on the East. In the p.m. services were held in the Stake Tabernacle and very many attended the services. The weather has been quite delightful and the people seem to be having a time of rejoicing.

May 18
Attended services in the Tabernacle this a.m. which was made into a testimony meeting, the speakers were Pres. Woodruff, and a number of Apostles and leading Elders. At the close of the services, I went to sister Thatchers after Mellie. Had a bite to eat and from there went to the depot. At 2 p.m. the train consisting of ten cars and two engines started for Ogden, at which point we lay about an hour waiting the arrival of the U. P. Left Ogden at 5 minutes to 7 and arrived in Salt Lake at 8:20. Found the family all well.

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  1. Congratulations on your first post. I really enjoyed reading it. I thought it was very appropriate. Our ward went to the Logan Temple several years ago and because there were so many of us they let us wait in a room where the dedication must have taken place. Some of the windows are still the originals. There is a beautiful view of the Cache Valley from there.