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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. Part 16.

From the John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, University of Utah.

On June 15 John Morgan left on the 7:30 a.m. train for Ogden to attend a Sunday School Conference, returning to Salt Lake that night. The following two days 16-17th he met with teachers in Salt Lake at a Co. [County] Institute. Following the last meeting … we went to the Ice Cream Saloon and had some ice cream …

June 18
Irrigating the lots during the most of the day, having to dig quite an amount of ditch to get the water down … June 22 Brought a bucket of Berries down to Mellie and was at home during the a.m. …Attended service at the 14th Ward and spoke to the people …

June 24
Irrigating the lots all afternoon. Quite hot. Brother Groesbeck taken seriously sick at Johns about 3 p.m. today …

Through the 28th John Morgan sat up with his brothers-in-law, Will, Harmon, and Hyrum Groesbeck, through night vigils with their father.

June 29
At home and asleep this forenoon. At Annies this p.m. quite warm. Late in the evening Mellie drove up for me, as brother G. [Groesbeck] was reported dying, came down with her and found him unconscious in which condition he remained until 7:35 when he peacefully passed away. I went to the Sextons and made some arrangements to care for the body…

June 30
Went up early this a.m. and had a talk with Harmon and John about the Funeral. At their request called at the “News” Office and gave the Reporter some prints about brother G’s life. Met Pres. Cannon and asked him to attend the funeral. Arranged for the choir, etc. Found brother and sister Salisbury at Annies.

July 1
Came down to Mellies early and was busy during the morning … at 3 p.m. getting ready for the funeral. Met at John’s house and followed brother G’s remains to the 17th Ward School house where a large congregation had assembled. Bishop Jno. Tingey presided and after prayer by Bishop F. Kesler, Counsellor Jno. W. Young, and pres. Geo. Q. Cannon addressed the people. Pres. A. M. Cannon dismissed. A lengthy procession was formed and followed the remains to the Cemetery where his body was laid away alongside of sister Groesbeck.

[Editor’s note: In the last six months, Mellie buried her mother, watched over her widowed father, her husband married a second wife, her father passed away, and baby Flora continued sick. ]

July 2
Attended to the settlement of some account and other business about town. In the evening, met with the Trustees and clerk of the District at my house and talked over business connected with school matters.

Wrote some letters and made some Sunday School meeting appointments. Weather very hot and dry, dusty. Was called on to administer to sister Case.

July 3
Wrote some today. Got a pass for Annie to go to Ogden on a visit. … July 4walked into town and saw the procession and crowd. Beer wagons and 2nd class advertisements made the most of the crowd. At home during the day. Went with Mellie and the children to see the fireworks at night which were good.

July 5-12 John Morgan obtained several railroad passes, attended D. O. Calder's funeral at the Tabernacle, and put down some carpet [its unclear in which home]. Looked after the work going on at the school house, got an estimate from Midgley on heating rooms, and looked over roll of assessments for the 14th District …

On July 13 John and Mellie attended the Morgan, Utah Jubilee together, returning home that evening on the p. m. train. ...15th Attended to irrigation of lots in the afternoon.

Annie accompanied John to a conference in Tooele on the 19-20th. Upon their return to Salt Lake … he walked around to pres. Jos. F. Smiths to see him about a trip to the San Juan.

July 21
Went out to the 10th Ward this a.m. and again in the p.m. Wrote some letters and attended to some business about town. …

August 1-9
Was taken up in attending the settling of Groesbeck’s Estate, Working with Hyrum most of the time in the office. This evening, accompanied by Mellie, I went to Springville.
“In the first eight years after the death of the Groesbecks, the extensive
estate was being distributed and the heirs were living well. John Morgan,
emulating his father-in-law, attempted to make real estate work for him and his

August 10
In company with ?. Groesbeck, drove up to Provo to attend the session of the S. S. Supts. We had an interesting session, Pres. W. Woodruff being present, with a goodly attendance from the various wards. At 4:30 p.m. took train in company with Elder Marks and Parry for Salt Lake. Arriving at 6:30 p.m.

August 11
In the office part of the day, and attended to some business connected with schools.

August 12
While walking along the street in front of Z. C. M. I. Hampton Beatie came out and enquired about the death of some Elders in Tenn. which was the First I had heard of the matter.

On going to the “News” office, I found an Associated Press dispatch giving an account of the killing of four Elders in Cane Creek, Lewis Co., Tenn. Late in the evening, I wired Elder Roberts to learn particulars. Called on and had and interview with Pres. Jos. F. Smith on the subject of the Tenn. murder.
The August 12-30th journal entries are primarily related to this tragedy. The event is best explained by The Amateur Mormon Historian and The Ancestor Files blogs posted here: Cane Creek Massacre, Visit to Lewis County, and History of the Southern States Mission.

(To be continued.)
The Man Who Moved City Hall; Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan, by Jean R. Paulson, Copyright 1979, by Marjorie Morgan Gray, pgs 6-9. This picture of the old City Hall is from that book cover. John Morgan worked in city hall for some time. It was moved and preserved on Capitol Hill, in Salt Lake City, by his son, Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan's, efforts.

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  1. Wow. Quite a time, particularly for Mellie, as you point out. She was also expecting, and so was Annie, a fact which must have taken some getting used to for everyone concerned!