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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. Part 15.

Continued from here.

From a list of John Morgan’s callings, compiled by Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan, the following helps me better understand this part of his journal.

May 31, 1883, sustained counselor to George Q. Cannon, General Superintendent of the Sunday School Union Board.

August 6, 1883, elected County Superintendent of Schools of Salt Lake County. On the same ticket he was elected to the Legislature of the Territory of Utah.

December 12, 1883, organized the first Salt Lake County Teacher’s Association.

From the John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, University of Utah.
April 9.
Following General Conference John Morgan arranged for railroad passes for family, and acquaintances, to Colorado, Holbrook, and Springville. … Went with Pres. A. Hatch to the U. P. Office to get rate on stock from Cache Co. Sister Bickington visited with Annie, and Katie Groesbeck with Mellie …

April 13
Walked down to the 15th Ward School house and attended Sunday School in company with brother Goddard and a number of brethren. Had dinner at Hyrums [presumably Groesbeck] and attended and spoke at the Tabernacle on the First principles of the Gospel. In the evening attended 12th Ward Assembly Hall and heard pres. Cannon speak on the question of Plural Marriage and the legality of interfering with it by law…

After Mellie, and two of their children, returned from Springville on April 15 … House cleaning. 18th Looked for a painter to do some work about the house and agreed with Midgley and Sons … April 22 Painters, paper hangers and house cleaning which seems to occupy most of the time. Called at the Pres. Office on school matters.

April 23 At work about the house … Attended Theatre tonight and saw “Taken from Life” played … 24th At home most all day … The workman finished their work and left today. Apr 25 At work getting carpets down and fixing the house all day. Annie returned from Marriotts at 12… April 28 At work about the house most of the day building a coal bin, etc. Called on Pres. Smith and arranged for some more Elders.

The weather was rainy for several days, making the streets very muddy. On May 2 Annie quite sick for the past few days. On May 5 John Morgan attended a Sunday School Union meeting that was so well attended, they had to adjourn from the Assembly Hall to the Tabernacle.

May 11meeting at the tabernacle and Sunday School at the 14th Ward … heard Mattie Cowley preach.

May 12
Obtained a roller and rolled the yard trying to level it off. Accompanied brother Cowley to get reduced rates to Logan, but failed. The Registering Office called at Annies today.

May 13-18 Mellie and John attended the Logan temple dedication, posted here.
May 19
Called at the Pres office and learned that the time for the departure of the missionaries to the south had been deferred for one week ... Brother G. Haim (?) And Rhoda had dinner and supper with us.

May 20 … Accompanied Jas. Daniels to see brother Reynolds about going through the House, but failed to see him. … arranged a program for a Teacher’s Institute in June…. Rained during the entire day.

May 21
Head ache all day. Bought Lawn mower of Sears and Liddle. Cut the grass in the front yard. Wrote some letters and mailed some “Utah Journals,” to a number of people.

May 22
Met brother H. P. Richards and we together visited the 14th Ward Basement to see if it could be arranged for a school. Afterwards went to the 12th Ward and took a look through it. Wrote some letters and had a long and painful talk with Mellie

May 23
Copied the list of property at the City Hotel and carried it to Mrs. F. Busy part of the day destroying caterpillars and digging in the garden …

May 29
Flora quite unwell this afternoon.

May 30
Raining today, and Decoration Day. The Federal Official and a few Gentiles attended the ceremonies at Fort Douglas. …

June 3
During this time I have kept no Journal, partly on account of not feeling to write anything and having had some sickness in the family …

[To be continued.]

[Editor’s note: I believe that, "the long and painful talk with Mellie" on the 22nd, and "copied the list of property" the next day, and "accompanied Jas. Daniels to see brother Reynolds about going through the House" from the 20th, evidence financial difficulties.]
I took the picture of the Old Salt Lake Theatre curtain hanging in the Salt Lake DUP Museum in 2008, prior to their banning picture taking.

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