Tuesday, October 19, 2010

John Hamilton Morgan gravestone, October 2010.

Wilford Woodruff’s grave is in the block directly north of John Morgan’s and I’ve observed it for years. The gravestones are the same shape. I learned from a cemetery walking tour guide that the children of the Church made donations to raise the money for President Woodruff’s gravestone. On the same subject, there is a nice post here about a call for contributions from missionaries and associates of John Morgan to raise the funds for his gravestone.

A few years ago, and over a century later, Wilford Woodruff descendants made additions to his gravestone. You can see them in the thin granite looking slates that have been bolted to the original gravestone.

I like these additions, and can envision similar additions to Great Grandfather John Morgan’s gravestone.

The larger plain side above, is on the east, the smaller sides are on the north and south. I would suggest something like the following, naming John Morgan's wives, and curving Mellie's name at the top, as on the Woodruff gravestone.
The following example is a little rough, but the best I could do in tables. And I solicit descendants' ideas. You may add them in the comments below, or write me at, I see the creamery, typed all together, @comcast.net.

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  1. I like this idea, especially because his other 2 wives are not buried near him.