Sunday, October 10, 2010

Morgan Family Genealogy notes from Mary Ann Linton Morgan’s notebook.

Remember that wonderful 1895 letter from Eliza Ann Hamilton Morgan to her daughter-in-law, Mellie Morgan? It’s posted here in three parts. Many of the people named in the letter are on this family group sheet from Mary Ann Linton Morgan’s genealogy notebook. And you can see a picture of some of the family members named in the letter, and on the family group sheet, in this 1925 Morgan family reunion photo.

The following page is the right hand side
of the above "spread sheet."


  1. Thanks for posting the "spreadsheet." I don't think I knew about Gerrard dying in St. Louis. I wonder why he was visiting or living there...

  2. I posted these pages from Mary Ann's notebook, because I realized they are your ancestors. Are you descended through Gerrard? I'm glad you posed your question, for which I don't presently have an answer. My g grandfather John Morgan met and visited his brother, James, in St. Louis at one time. Mary Ann wrote that Gerrard is of Peoria, and St. Louis. Gerrard, and my great grandfather, are first cousins; born 1844 and 1842, respectively.