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1895 letter from Eliza Ann Hamilton Morgan to her daughter-in-law Helen Melvina (Mellie) Groesbeck Morgan. Part 3. Concluded.

Following is the conclusion of (Letter from Eliza Hamilton Morgan, mother of John Hamilton Morgan, to Helen M. Morgan, wife of John Morgan) from the John Hamilton Morgan Collection at the Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah.

Part 3.
Eliza described the Morgan garden and Rettie Green’s exquisite darning bag.

Part 1

Part 2

Mr. Richard sent the 20 dollars as you requested (thanks to you both). We gave it out for insurance on the property for the next 3 years and Jimmie sent us 40 dollars to pay taxes. We manage to keep even by being economical and working. I have been trying to sew some and have had 2 rooms cleaned.

We have radishes, onions, tomatoes, beets, lettuce all growing in the garden next to the stable. I sowed some grass seed half way down from the house next to Mrs. Hill’s. It is coming up. Our hens keep us in eggs, averaging 5 a day. Nine hens but some are all the time tied out to keep from setting.

Some time ago, Rettie Green wrote me she was making me a darning bag and when it came for an Easter offering, I was taken clear back when I opened the package to find such a beautiful bag made of blue flowered thin silk all trimmed off with blue satin ribbon bows and strings made like the crestom [sic] one that Bettie Falls made me. It took a great many fine stitches to make it and in it were two large spools of knitting silk to darn with and a beautiful emery bag with silver top cord and tassel. Also a silver fixer to run in the glove fingers to mend them and silk of various colors to suit the kids and a fancy painted easter egg with Forget-me-nots painted on it and Easter greetings and a very handsome silver handle; sissors
[sic] and fine steel blades and a very heavy gold thimble beautifully carved with my name carved on it and besides a very handsome box of the very finest candy. The box is made of [Print page 4.] beeds [sic] and white satin. The box was ready filled, I think, at the finest confectionary.

Now you better believe I had to try to write her as sweet a letter of thanks as I was able to do and sent her our Pictures as they had asked for them. They are at the Adam’s House, Boston. I think they will go to Lynn again in the summer. I hear Dr. Morgan does not like Mexico and is coming back.

(Letter from Eliza Hamilton Morgan, mother of John Hamilton Morgan, to Helen M. Morgan, wife of John Morgan)

Letter concluded.


Lynn, Massachusetts

Adam's House, Boston

Jimmie may be John Morgan's brother, James.

The following entry in the John Hamilton Morgan journal, eight years earlier, in 1887, may have had Jimmie in Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri.

1887, June 5. Arrived in Kansas City at 7:50 a.m. Met Mr. Geo. T. Nicholson and had a conference about rates West of the Missouri River. Came to an agreement at last. Called and had a talk with Mr. Lockwood about railroad matters. Met Jimmie, [blank] ? his wife during the evening. Left for Memphis at 9 p.m. [Note: The ? written after the blank space in this entry, could mean the name was unreadable, or not there. Perhaps John Morgan couldn't recall her name, as he wrote the entry. That's happened in other places in his journal.]


  1. One last note I overlooked. Could this picture of Garrard III and Eliza Hamilton Morgan be the picture Eliza refers to in her letter? It is from page 2, "The Life and Ministry of John Morgan," by Arthur Richardson.

  2. This is such a wonderful letter. It does raise many questions and research possibilities. I'm with you,the picture of them could be the one Eliza refers to. I got the impression that Mr. Richards was someone at Mellie's end. Do you know? Have I missed something, again? The Tate, DeLaMare, Morgan connection is more than amazing. Thank you Bessie for your work.

  3. Wonderful letter from start to finish. Thank you.

  4. I knew everyone would enjoy this letter. I don't have any idea who Mr. Richard might be, Flora Lee. But now I will keep an eye out. And let my mind step outside of it's box. Thank you for segars, Amy.

  5. I finally had some catch up time. I had so wanted to read about the rest of the shooting. I did find the remedies interesting. It almost sounded common place. Like no one was too concerned that they had been shot??? I can't wait to share the story with Clint this week. Thanks for all your research and for sharing it. I wonder when he finally told his family?

  6. P.S. I loved the story about the Easter package too. Do we still do nice things like that for others??? I have been busy all week arrangings meals but what a boost to get a package in the mail with so many nice things in it!