Thursday, February 18, 2010

William Harrison Morgan. Veteran's Invalid Pension Relief.

A further look into the Veterans Pension file documents of William Harrison Morgan revealed:

William Harrison Morgan applied for a veteran’s disability pension on July 5, 1899. He used the services of Oscar B. Barber & Co., Pension and Claims Attorneys, of Chicago, Ill. There were a series of claims and forms filed through them,

By Claimant, William H. Morgan
P.O. Room 1110 Masonic Temple
Chicago, Illinois.

William requested $6 a month. Thereafter there are a series of documents, and requests for rate increases. It appears the following document, stamped Jun 6, 1901 [sorry, my scanner missed it], finally satisfied the law, he could not earn a support by manual labor.

According to a History of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Part 1., "Until 1890, Civil War pensions were granted only to servicemen discharged because of illness or disability attributable to military service. The Dependent Pension Act of 1890 substantially broadened the scope of eligibility, providing pensions to veterans incapable of manual labor."

The following document, filed by a different attorney, added a post-office address nearer William's Middletown, Henry County, Indiana home. The document clarified where he received his debilitating injuries.
William Harrison Morgan died 17 April 1907. See his death certificate on the previous post here. It appears William is John Hamilton Morgan's "red-headed brother" mentioned in this post at The Ancestor Files blog.
The Picture is: General Rosecrans (left) rallies his troops at Stones River. Illustration by Kurz and Allison (1891). From Battle of Stone’s River Wikipedia

History of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Part 1.,

The documents are from Helen Rex Frazier's Garrard Morgan III file folder.

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