Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Rex Family’s Ordinary Hero.

L-R Diana, Yara, Judd, Harold, and Jay Rex. Percy Harold (P.H.), Marion, and Mary Rex. Helen Rex, Glenn and Susan Frazier.

In about 1962 P.H. Rex family members were hosted by their Montana, Victor Rex Jackson, cousins at a Rex Family Reunion in Cook, Montana. I well remember how excited my mother, Helen Rex Frazier, was to go to that reunion. She is the lady with her genealogy binder under her arm.
If you click on these pictures, perhaps the enlargement will make it easier to recognize some of the family members who gathered in Montana forty-seven-some years ago for a William Rex Family Reunion.

The three P.H. Rex grandchildren I know for sure are on the back row. Back left corner is Yara, center, is Marion, right back corner is Susan. I’m guessing Jay and Judd are in the right front corner. I don’t know who their other teen aged cousins are. It would be nice to know.

Yesterday’s Lee Benson column in the Deseret News, featured an "Ordinary Hero," Victor Rex Jackson. Thank you for the tip Flora Lee.

Note: Victor Rex Jackson (1912-2010) is Helen Rex Frazier’s (1913-1982) cousin. He is the son of Ada Rex Jackson, Percy Harold Rex’s sister.

Pictures from Susan Frazier's scrapbook.
Note: Check the John Hamilton Morgan Descendant's latest Newsletter here.


  1. Thanks so much for putting that on the blog. I hate to see this generation pass on. But what a legacy we have :)

  2. What fun pictures! I remember feeling really bad that our family could not go to that reunion. If it was the summer of 1962 we were moving sprinklers and Mom was expecting Nancy. The second one from the right on the bottom row is definitely Jay Rex.