Tuesday, February 16, 2010

William Harrison Morgan, 28 July 1840 – 17 April 1907.

During the last few months I have finally been able to understand the papers in my mother’s (Helen Rex Frazier 1913-1982) Garrard Morgan III file folder.

It is a legal sized folder filled with about twenty-five legal sized documents/papers. Among them are her Garrard Morgan III family group records, and the temple ordinance work she prepared and submitted in the late 1970's-1982. And there are twenty photocopied documents from William Harrison Morgan’s Veteran Benefits File, and his widow, Emeline E. Morgan’s, Widow's Benefits File.

Helen had a copy of a letter dated November 18, 1977 from the Vital Records Office, Indiana State Board of Health stating.

“We have received your request for a record of death for: William Harrison Morgan said to have died in Henry County, Indiana, April 17, 1907. … We have checked the original records of death filed in this office for Henry County, Indiana for the years 1905 thru 1909 and find no record to correspond with the information you have provided.”

Helen’s last noted genealogy work was February 7, 1982. She wrote “mailed” on a letter she’d received from the Chief, Correspondence Branch (NNCC National Archives and Records Service, indicating her order for copies of veterans records was “returned because it was not accompanied by the required pre-paid fee ($5 for each record ordered).”

Helen passed away June 26, 1982. The following document is one of many she received from the National Archives Service. They were shuffled around in envelopes for years, before being laid flat in her Garrard Morgan III folder. Where I finally took the time to study them.

It appears that William Harrison is Garrard III and Eliza Ann Hamilton Morgan’s oldest child. You can see him listed on two censuses with his family posted here on The Ancestor Files blog.
I've learned a little more about William Harrison Morgan and his family, that I will post here soon.

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