Monday, October 4, 2010

The Hamiltons and Mary Ann Linton Morgan (1865-1951).

I posted this picture of the Hamilton Crest, and the Hamilton Coat of Arms, seen here, because Mary Ann Linton Morgan led me to them.

I’ve been studying 310 pages from the collection of her writings on CD at the FHL (Family History Library), referenced here. Fascinating!

Mary Ann Linton Morgan (1865-1951) married John Hamilton Morgan in 1888. And, as his third wife, she was “assigned” to do the family genealogy; that according to Nicholas G. Morgan descendant, Karen M.

Mary Ann worked and researched throughout her widowed, mature years, from her Sharon Apartment address in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thankfully Mary Ann’s great grandson preserved her writings and research records.

You may learn more about Mary Ann by reading her autobiography, and a biography here and here on The Ancestor Files. A series of five faith promoting instances (which are favorites of mine) begin here.

The book Mary Ann references below, is now on microfilm. I scanned those pages, and others onto my zip drive to take home and study with her notes. And was humbled by the pages and pages of information she painstakingly copied, and checked, and double checked, that have since become so much easier to access and copy.

Presently we can find county boundaries, and the dates they were established and changed, in the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries here.

From Mary Ann's notes on the page above, “At one time about 800 people of Bracken County, Kentucky were named Hamilton, usually in large families.”

The task of connecting our James and Margaret Turner Hamilton to the correct John and Mary Hamilton is becoming clearer. From their grandson, John Hamilton Morgan's, journal (now in Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah),

Normal, Illinois, January 4, 1876
… I enter here my genealogy:
My grandfather and father were named Garrard Morgan. My grandmother Morgan’s maiden name was Sarah Sanderson. On my mother’s side my great grandfather was named John Hamilton; his wife, Elizabeth. Great [sic] Grandfather was James Hamilton, his wife, Margaret Hamilton. My mother’s name is Eliza Ann Hamilton. Gerrard Morgan, Jr. had a sister, Mary Morgan who married Marshall Hamilton, himself father of Woodson Hamilton.

Mary Ann had access to this and other journal entries, because in a 1931 letter she wrote to family in the East, she referenced her husband’s diary, and said it was in her possession.

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  1. I am excited to learn more about Mary Ann's work. Thank you for all you are doing.