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1932 Hamilton Family History notes from Mary Ann Linton Morgan's notebook.

From Ancestral Lines of the Daniphan – Frazee – Hamilton Families. By Francis Frazee Hamilton P. 545.

In the early part of the 18 Century there lived in Northern Ireland a family of Hamiltons of Scotch Irish blood; descendants of Sir Claud Hamilton of Scotland. There were 2 sons in this family John & William? Perhaps other chil[d]. One of these boys, having plucked a rose from the Kings garden which caused his banishment from Eng. As a result of this banishment the brothers took ship for America. On board ship they met young miss named Elizabeth on landing at Baltimore John & Elizabeth were married. They are the same John & Elizabeth who are the Ancestors of the H [Hamilton] family whose lineage is partly traced in this book. And this same John became a Sergeant in the Rev. war under Captain Seeley.
In Spring of 1795 4 sons of Sergt. John
Hamilton, John Jr. Edward Samuel and David left their homes in Lancaster Penn, came down the Ohio river on a flat boat and landed on the northern bank (later a town called Lasayville.) of the river at Ft. Washington on ground where Cincinnati is now located (P545) In Dec. the wife of Edward brot [sic] a little 2 year old son named John Cornelius b. in Penn. 5 Jan 1794. Dec 17, 3 days after their arrival, another son, Samuel was b. known as Samuel who was b in the Stockades a fact which brot [sic] him local notoriety. John Cornelius was the father of Oliver Theudare I and the gr. Father of Lucius Oliver Hamilton I. Edward Hamilton, father of John Carneiuls, see next page, first, built a cabin at Cincinnati & lived there 11 years.
He went back about 25 miles & laid out the town of Hamilton now the city of Hamilton and was named for these brothers and not for Alexander, as some Historians have it. John Cornelius carried mail when he was 13 y of age on horseback thru

the forest from Cincinnati to Daytona, when scarcely 17 he and Elizabeth Black in Ky. It was about 1806 when Edward Hamilton came to Bracken co to live at one time there were between 7 & 8 hundred Hamiltons living in Bracken co. They located about 30 miles from the Blue Lick Springs. They made their own Salt by boiling down this water.
Edward Hamilton, Latter of John Cornelius, owned 160 acres of land where the City of Cincinnati now stands. On this land he built a cabin back next to the hills at what is now Central Ave. He lived in this cabin 11 years. He then sold his farm for a team, wagon & 200 lb and moved up on the Little Miami River near where Loveland is now located He remained at this place only two years. When he sold the land & moved to Bracken co. Ky. He had heard many wonderful stories of Bracken co. from his father & Phillip Buckner.

Look for Lintons in History of Davidson Tenn. P 683

Our Hamiltons in Makers of Our. Vol 1

Note: There is an on-line website here with information about this same John Hamilton, who first came into Kentucky, that Mary Ann wrote we are descended from. The source on the website is the book Mary Ann quoted from.

I have yet to find the link/links from our James P. and Margaret Turner Hamilton, to his parents, John and Elizabeth Hamilton.

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