Friday, June 11, 2010

Morgan Family Reunion,Peoria, Illinois, 1925.

Among my Mother (Helen Rex Frazier’s) things was a gray 26-page booklet she received from her Uncle Nicholas G. Morgan sometime after 1955. I tried reading it years ago, but I couldn't understand how it applied to any Morgans I knew of. This picture is from that booklet.

In the front of the booklet, Nicholas G. Morgan wrote,

“brochure of the Bruce and Morgan Families for the information largely of the Morgans of Utah and the West.”

Children and grandchildren of William Franklin and Ann Threlkeld Bruce Morgan are pictured in this family reunion photo. Information about some of these family members was posted on this blog here and here.

Some of these people are mentioned in Eliza Hamilton Morgan’s 1895 letter to her recently widowed daughter-in-law, Mellie, posted here.

Ann Threlkeld Bruce married William Franklin Morgan, the youngest son of Garrard III and Sarah Sanderson Morgan, of Nicholas County, Kentucky. Their children are Lucinda Bruce, Amelia I, Garrard, Henry Bruce, Woodson, Elizabeth, William Bruce, Annie, Millard and James Morgan.

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