Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grandma Emily Rufi Frazier (1886-1972)

Frank and Emily Frazier posed for this picture on their 
Woodruff, Utah ranch in about 1947

I recently received correspondence from another Stephen Vestal Frazier descendant. Allen Frazier, son of Dillan Frazier, first cousin to my father Glenn Frazier wrote me,

"We probably have met or at least been in the same room at one time or another.  I attended your grandfather's funeral and stayed in their  home several different times.  I do remember his singing as he went about doing his morning chores.  "I'm forever blowing bubbles," is one I remember.

"One time my parents and I  planned to sleep overnight before returning to Springville. My dad had told Emily he wanted to get away early if possible.  Sometime during the night my dad got up to go to the bathroom.  Apparently Emily thinking we were getting up jumped out of bed, fired up the kitchen stove, and began preparing  a wonderful breakfast.  My dad was too embarrassed to tell Emily why he got up and so we ate that wonderful breakfast and returned to Springville . . . at about 3:00 a.m. in the morning." 

Thank you, Allen, for sharing this heart warming account. 


  1. Great picture. I only remember your Grandma Frazier. I rode with she and Mark back from Salt Lake a time or two. Mark was always so good with her. She would read the road signs to him especially the speed limit signs. Mark warned me that she would do this.

  2. Grandma Frazier was famous for slipping the speed limit and road sign directions into her conversation with whomever was driving. Hmmm! That's probably where I get my tendency to do the same thing.