Sunday, July 3, 2016

Another family-icon-filled picture!

Helen Rex Frazier pictured some of her favorite things--family icons--in this snapshot.

Her youngest daughter, Susan, is modeling great great grandmother Elizabeth Thompson Groesbeck's burgundy with black trim wrapper. Elizabeth's delicate lacy black shawl drapes from Susan's shoulders down to about knee height. She is also wearing Elizabeth's beautiful hand crafted black straw bonnet.

Susan is standing in  Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier's 1970's T.V. room at their 166 East Oakland Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah home.

The fancy side chair behind her to the left came from the Nicholas and Elizabeth Groesbeck home and was part of the family's 1860's dining room set.

The short wood turned lamp to Susan's right was made for Helen by her younger brother John Morgan  (1920-1941).

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  1. It's amazing not only to have all of those things in one picture, but that you know their origins. It makes the picture quite the treasure.