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Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter to Harold, May 10, 1938.

Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier 1938

Randolph, Utah

May 10, 1938
My dear boy,

I waited until after the mail was in to write this letter, hoping of course not expecting, just hoping there might be a letter. Not being selfish tho’ you know, for you see I received a letter Sat. for Mother’s Day. That was lovely & I did enjoy it, but we usually get one on Monday. Well, we didn’t this Mon. so I’ll just have to tell you some news & gossip.

Saturday we received a grand picture of Winnie. A double—one in her uniform and one in her dress. They are lovely. Then yesterday comes one from Helen & Glenn. It is the cutest picture. They both look so fine, and Helen looks five years younger. Of course I am thrilled. I finally have them arranged on the piano, with yours in the middle, but it has taken me all day.

Roy was to be here today. He was released to go to his mother in the hospital, but they said he was coming home. Dottie is still very ill. Not a very happy homecoming for him.

Well, our old cold storm is finally
Harold Morgan Rex 1936-38

clearing off and things are warming up. I’m afraid you will find this a rather bare place when you come back.

Father is down to the B. Q. They are turning the earth over down there. Four tractors plowing. I rather think your father is in his glory.

Winnie graduates this month. I am glad, for her. It has been a long grind I think, but she is a brick.

Oh I wish something exciting would happen, so I would have something to tell you. Life is rather dull right now. Unless this is news. Jim Jackson married Jean Nebeker. Some combination.

School is out in two more weeks.

Morgan graduates from seminary this Sunday. He is a good boy but rather quiet. Not like his older brother, is he.

Here it is the next morning and I haven’t got any body else to send a line with this. I needn’t have written on both sides, but  if the others write it is better. A beautiful morning outside. I hope it keeps it up. Well, my dear I’ll sign off, praying that the Lord will ever help you in your work.

Of course we all send our love, and an extra lot from Mother.

Winnifred Rex Andrus 1938


  1. The pictures add so much to this letter. Thank you for including them. I will see if I can figure out who Jim and Jean are.

  2. Thank you for your comments Flora Lee. I was happy to learn when my parents had their picture taken. It makes sense that Aunt Winnie's picture was taken as she graduated from nursing school. This must be the picture Harold sent his mother, and she made comment on his curly hair. It pleased Grandma Bessie to be able to display these children's pictures. I'll be interested in hearing what you learn about Jim and Jean.