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A Faith Promoting Experience in the Ministry of President John Morgan. From a pamphlet compiled by his son in 1964.

 Faith Promoting Experiences in the Ministry of President John Morgan. 
Compiled and published by his son, Nicholas G. Morgan, Sr. in 1964.

I recognized the letter Heather Seferovich read during her November 14th lecture, "Faith to Persevere; Southern States Mission" in the Assembly Hall. It is included in this pamphlet on pages 27-28. John Morgan's journal for all of 1880 is not included with the rest of his journal at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah.

 December 11, 1946
“Mr. N. G. Morgan
210 McIntyre Building
Salt Lake City, Utah
“Dear Brother Morgan:

“Agreeable to your request, I am pleased to furnish you with following information:

“In about 1910, when I was president of the Western States Mission, I had occasion to visit Pueblo, Colorado, to hold a regular conference. On my arrival at Pueblo, I met a brother who had driven from his home in Victor, Colorado, down to Pueblo, to attend the conference. He was a brother Henager and appeared to be about forty years of age.

“I was much impressed with his personality and during our several meetings of the conference he was constantly in my mind. During the final session, Sunday evening, I felt impressed to invite him to the stand to bear his testimony. He accepted my invitation and in his opening remarks gave expression, substantially, to the following:

“’My Father’s family lived in a mountainous region in Virginia, and during the period that President John Morgan was in charge of the Southern States Mission, he came into our country to hold a series of meetings; one of which was about thirty miles distant from our home.

“’Apparently he had known our family, and when the evening meeting was finished, he made inquiry concerning my father and mother. One member of our family who had gone to the meeting, told President Morgan that his folks were unable to attend because of the serious illness of his brother. “Well,” replied President Morgan, “I have a message for them and we must go to them immediately.”

“’He arrived at our home at about 3:00 o’clock the following morning. In the meantime the boy who was sick had died several hours previously and had been temporarily laid out on a cooling slab. President Morgan went into the room
Where the boy of ten years lay and prayed for him; blessed him and raised him to life.

“’The boy went to school the following morning, and when the teacher arrived, he was sitting on the fence in front of the school. She thought he was an apparition since the word had traveled around the neighborhood that he had died the night before, and she wouldn’t believe otherwise until she had looked for a scar that he had upon his wrist – I was that boy,’

“I may add that several years later I was called to Victor, Colorado, to preach at Brother Henager’s funeral. There I found the funeral parlor packed with local business people among whom he had evidently been very popular. At that time we had but few families of our Church living in Victor.

“I am happy to be of aid to you in furnishing you this information.
 “Sincerely your brother,

(sgd) John L. Herrick” 

Note: Elder Matthias F. Cowley sent an account of a two day conference held February 7 and 8, 1880 at the Litz School-house, Burk’s Garden, Tazewell County, Va., to Salt Lake City. It was published in the Deseret News on March 3, 1880. Children of Brother Philip Heninger attended that conference.

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