Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter to Harold March 3, 1938.

Apostle Albert E. Bowen   [1937-1953]
 (31 October 1876 - 15 July 1953)

Randolph, Utah
March 3, 1938

My dear boy,

It is 5 p.m. but I must get this letter written. Am feeling a little down hearted. We have not heard from you since Feb 11, & Winnie heard from you last week. I just can’t understand why you don’t get our mail. Rec’d a letter from Helen today & she says she hasn’t had a line from you. Winnie said you were blue. It seems so bad to think we can do nothing. I’ll register this & every future letter if I have to.

We had a grand storm last night & we are all wet today. But the weather stays warm. Maeser & Flora have the mumps. Maser has a bad dose, but they are coming along all right.

How are you coming with your work down there. Is it fun to be D. P? [district president?] When we don’t hear from you I nearly wish you were coming home.

The church and recreation hall were dedicated Sunday. We had lovely services. Apostle Bowen was up. He was surprised at such buildings out here.

News came over the radio today that Los Angeles had had a bad flood. Worst in 60 years. They surely have lots of rain. Helen never mentions the bad weather  tho! 
Did I tell you Morgan has made doors & is making shelves for my china closets in the buffet. At last! He is a good carpenter. You should see his gas model plane, with a little gas engine in it. It isn’t finished yet, as he has to have money to buy materials. His teachers say he is some boy. But he doesn’t like basket-ball.

Did I tell you I received those pictures. Was the one for Helen like mine? Well, she has it—so. Miss Wahlstrom, the county nurse was in & when I told her where you were, she knew an elder there married Kennard I think. She found his picture in that group. She is Norine’s sister.

Tonight is choir practice & we have a very fine leader, I want to go.

I am going to stop with this page & let your father put in one. We are so concerned about you not hearing from us. Just know dearie, that we are thinking of you all the time, so please don’t get homesick. So many have told me to tell you hello. Grace Norris & I were talking about you Sunday. Enjoy your work to the fullest, as you haven’t much more time. We all send our love & best wishes for your continued success. Keep writing, if you do get discouraged.

Lovingly, Mother


  1. I loved reading about Uncle Morgan making the doors and shelves for the China cupboard. I am thinking I should get that into Grandma Aunt Mary's history in the salt and pepper shaker collection part. I found in GrAM pcitures 2 of the Randolph Chapel with 2 different decors. I'm to going to scan and send them to you.

  2. Eighteen years Grandma Bessie waited for the shelves and doors to go onto her beautiful china cupboards. Who would have known? Maybe that's the side of the family the gene comes from that draws remodel projects out from months to YEARS?

    Thank you Flora Lee for the two "mid-century" pictures of the Randolph Chapel. I will post them here.