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Rev. John C. McCoy carried Hamilton family news between Kentucky and Indiana.

Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky,
from Wikipedia.

From the Hamilton Family plot,
Kingston Cemetery, Decatur, Indiana

The McCoy sisters who married the Hamilton brothers, here, are either sister or cousin to Elizabeth S. McCoy, who married Capt. James Morgan, here. And so the McCoys tied the Hamiltons and the Morgans together in an additional way.

This picture of an early Mormon missionary
looks like I envision Rev. John C. McCoy.

Lycurgus McCoy, nephew of Rev. John C. McCoy, recalled sixty years later, his Uncle, as "a remarkable man in many ways," who frequently visited his father's home. "They usually spent the greater part of the night talking over reminiscences of former days. Uncle John McCoy, as he was familiarly called, was greatly beloved by all. This man of God was a true missionary, a lover of humanity, a house-to-house evangelist. Traveled on horseback from place to place, and found a welcome everywhere. Once a year he made a trip to Kentucky from Decatur Co., Indiana, on horseback carrying letters and messages both ways. The McCoys, Hamiltons, Donnells, and others were originally from Kentucky, and they all had relatives in Kentucky, and his coming was hailed with delight, on both sides of the Ohio River. It is my candid opinion that no better man has ever lived than John C. McCoy, and should I meet him in the home of the saved, on the earth made new, and I sincerely hope to, I shall expect to see him on his white pony. He never married."

Rev. John C. McCoy
b. May 30, 1782, Washington Co., Pa.
d. 1865 in Decatur Co., Indiana, and buried at Kingston.

William McCoy and his Descendants, compiled and written by Lycurgus McCoy, published and copyrighted 1904 by author. On line here.

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