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Morgan Hotel; at work about the Building, Money very scarce and hard to get.

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Two additional themes ran through John Morgan’s journal entries during the year he was building the Morgan Hotel; at work about the Building, and Money very scarce and hard to get. The railroads carried him on Church assignments throughout Utah and to Idaho and Colorado, where he was also able to keep tabs on his three families. Being continually on the move undoubtedly helped John Morgan evade the Marshals.

On October 6, 1890 he attended General Conference in Salt Lake City and wrote, Conference met at 10 a.m. with a large attendance. The General Authorities of the Church were sustained after which the Articles of Faith were read and the recent Manifesto of President Woodruff was sustained. At 7 p.m. left for Colorado over the D. and R. G. Railroad.

He wrote during much of his trip. On the 8th he, took train for the south arrived at home [Manassa]. All well. Found my affairs in fairly good shape. The next day he worked about his place, and noted, The boys returned from the mountains with a load of wood, some lumber, and some poles.

October 10
Nich Smith [born 20 June 1881 to John Henry and Josephine Groesbeck Smith] dislocated his arm this a.m. and I took him to Antonito where Dr. Johnson set it. Quite cold. The boys at work at the fence around the hay.

The next day he drove to Sanford and LaJara [map here] and assisted in getting the wire stretched around the hay. On the 12th he attended meeting at 2 p.m. and spoke to the people.

The next couple of days he took down the old chimney at the house and started to build a new one. Went to the ranch this p.m. to stay all night. The next morning he drove over to town and worked at the chimney and got affairs into shape to return to Utah.

On the 16th he arrived at home in Salt Lake and Found all well, but bad weather had held the building back. Attended council meeting … On the 19th he took the train to Preston, Idaho, returning to Salt Lake the same day.

October 20 Kept busy about the building during the day. At 7 p.m. left for Emery County in company with A. M. Musser on political matters ...

October 25 Gave a note to State Bank of Utah for $3,164.00 this morning. Paid off the men and worked about the building during the day ...

November 1
Gave note to State Bank of Utah for $1,800 and paid the men off during the day.

November 2
Attended funeral of young Joe Groesbeck at 11 a.m …

November 3
Pushed the work on the building and endeavored to raise some money to go ahead with my work.

... November 8 Paid the men off today, it taking nearly $2,500.00. After the days work, left at 7 p.m. for Emery County ...

November 11 John Morgan return to Salt Lake City, storming during the day so as to stop the masons from laying brick ... on 12th, clear and cold after yesterday’s storm. A heavy force of men at work on the building pushing the work as fast as we possibly can ...

November 13

Another fine day and crowding the work on the building. Made two trips to the stone works in the Nineteenth ward to hurry them up. Reached the square of the fourth story today.

November 14
Pushed the work on the building, but our supply of stone gave out and we were forced to stop the brick laying, but kept the carpenters at work.

November 15
Hurried up the Carpenter work and stone cutters. Paid off the men and left for Nephi on the 4 p.m. train. Arrived at 8 p.m.

November 16
Remained quiet at Sister Udalls during the day. A number of friends called during the day and evening.

November 17
Left on the 5 a.m. train and arrived at 10 a.m. A large force at work on the building pushing it steadily.

November 18
At work about the building and rushing things as fast as I can. Good weather.

November 19
Looked the elevator question up and got bids …

(To be concluded.)
John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah. Picture from Google.

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