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Counsel to children and grandchildren from Grandma Mellie Morgan.

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Mellie taught her personal values of thrift and frugality to her granddaughters while they lived with her during the 1920’s, as they recalled during our May 23, 2011 visit.

Granddaughter Helen recalled that when she turned five or six years old a neighbor gave her three dimes as a birthday present. Helen was so pleased and dreamed of what she could buy with them. She didn’t want her Grandma Mellie Morgan to know about the gift, because her grandma would most certainly insist that Helen put the money in the bank.

Helen put her three dimes high on a ledge for safe keeping, or so she thought, out of her grandmother’s sight, but safe enough for Helen to retrieve them herself later. Helen was surprised and disappointed to discover her dimes gone. She couldn’t understand how her visually impaired grandma could know where they were hidden, and been able to locate them.

In cousin Karen M.’s new volume 1907-1911 Letters from Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan to his Mother, Helen Melvina Morgan, there is evidence of Grandmother Mellie’s frugal judgment and thrift, counsel on how to improve one’s life, and the heart-warming nature of her relationship with her son Nick.

Letter of April 18, 1908
And so the chickens must go. But really, Mother, do you think you can get anything for them. I know you are a financier—I won’t dispute that fact, but you know chickens aren’t worth very much. I only wish that I had more funds … I shall be able to help you some more a little later on.

… No, Mother dear, I haven’t been paying my tithing but I am going to. In accordance with your suggestion I shall commence and send the Bishop some next month.

May 9 1908
My dearest Mother,
Yes, Mother, I am better tonight. I received your letter of the 2 inst and was delighted with its contents for several reasons. I am happy to learn that we are to have a bath tub—but Gee, Mother, are you going to put it in the chicken coop or where? You are certainly ambitious—if Father [John Hamilton Morgan] had only had your financial ability he would have been a millionair [sic] by now. You state that the 2nd hand bath tub will do you until I become President—now, Mother, I assure you that you will have to have a new one in that time. But if you meant that it would do until I was working with a President or a President to be-- that is a different proposition….

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